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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It's fine, but not gonna lie I'm disappointed by the chorus. I was expecting a monstrous hook, so to be greeted by a limp drop (I know there are vocals but eh) instead is a bit underwhelming. The prechorus and the bridge redeem the song but otherwise, it doesn't touch Fancy, Feel Special, and Breakthrough.

    Can we talk about the music video though, like it has to be one of the most gorgeous ones I've seen recently? Or am I just tricked by all that fancy CGI?
  2. Visually they look great.

    but I hate the song. It’s just so unlike Twice but not because they’ve grown. It’s not even a step back, it’s just a step into a lane they should never really do. Zero charm, zero fun.

    Feels very un-Special.
  3. aux


    Me watching the music video trying not to feel disappointed about the song.

  4. So which bside is gonna reach the top 10 in #KSOTY2020? That's the most important thing about the release.
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  5. Well it is MNEK and Zara Larsson produced, isn't it!

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  6. Not a huge fan, I ain't gonna lie. I think the strongest bits are the verses, especially the melody for the "You know I want iiiiit" parts.

    Gonna give a listen to the mini.
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  7. Well, she's a cute summer song. I love the verses.
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  8. Can we all stop pretending Dance The Night Away is a bad song <3
  9. Well OXYGEN was originally the title track of the Feel Special album according to Jihyo, and I can confirm it is gorgeous. But I think June is so stacked that a B-side might not even make it this time...

    Especially if Sunmi releases a full album.

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  10. The More & More video uses CGI Jaguars though.

  11. The issue for me is that the verses and the pre-chorus/chorus sound like a different song to me, in the case of, the verses could of created a really summery chill song, and then the pre-chorus pulls out some cuteness and then the chorus is just... dead.

    Also, I realise that Dahyun is probably my least favourite member. Imagine having a rap like that and uttering next to no actual feeling in what your doing.
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  12. There were so many striking shots. The one with Jihyo going in and out of focus along with the one with tigers comes to mind.
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  13. I actually think 'Firework' does the K-Trop thing better dddd. I mean, it's very much a b-side, I don't think it would work as a Title, but it's better. Great middle-8 by Jihyo. Also one thing that is missing from 'More & More', I feel like? A proper middle-8 rather than a rap.
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  14. Lemme start another Twitter fight with MNEK for not making the smash Twice deserved.

  15. Wait, the start of 'Make Me Go'.... That beat....
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  16. Really? I just listened to Oxygen and it’s not particularly strong.
  18. [base talk] Is More & More their Stupid Love??? - Base - ATRL
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  19. Thank god we got GOD Special instead then!
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  20. Well maybe @Vixen's 3 in the SOTY rate would've made more sense for Oxygen not Feel Special!

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