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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. That marching-ish beat... The harmonies! The 1-2-step potential!

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  2. Stop the press and the media, mom has just reacted

  3. Jesus Christ she got that done and up in 19 minutes?? Girl...
  4. MISS 'SHADOW' ????

    Please, she's sexy...

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  5. She's my biggest inspiration now. A businesswoman.
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  6. And she STANS so get on the winning team, hoes!
  7. Girl... this is cute but i am not feeling special at the moment
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  8. This is obviously a step back from the grandeur of "FANCY" and "Feel Special", but I still like it. Now onto the mini.
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  9. I think we'll all like More & More after Blackpink spawn their Kill This DDu-DDu
  10. He


    It's a fun bop.

    The outfits are a bit horrid, though.
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  11. aux


    Y'all... the mini slaps.

  12. [​IMG]

    I've prepared myself to be underwhelmed but...it manages to be even worse dd.

    Y'all shitting Dance The Night Away when at least the pre chorus is catchy and the breakdown melody is basically 99 Luftballoons 2.0 and fun unlike this one

    It's even worse than Nonstop oh God, at least OHMYGIRL sell the hell out of that song while Twice sounds like they don't want to be here.

    I'd rather have What You Waiting For or even Fake and True as their Korean comeback
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  13. When a single comes nowhere close to your unrealistic expectations to the point you can only think about the video instead.

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  14. Oh god I don’t like any of the songs on the mini either. What has happened?
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  15. You've returned back to your default setting of not liking bops?

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  16. You can catch lightning in a bottle once, but can you do it


    Okay I'll shut up and listen to the mini dd. See ya!
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  17. 'Shadow' being the equivalent of this mini's 'Hot' and 'Get Loud' for me........like it's so good.....
  18. I think the opposite. Give me that fairy magical look queens. I also am loving Jihyo's pink hair. Serve Queen.

    The chorus is actually growing on me with each listen. But I dislike the Dahyun rap part. It's unnecessary.
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  19. I'm poor. I only get SVT. Nature channels cost a lot.
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  20. Me listening to More & More on repeat after loving it instantly and not feeling any disappointment at all:

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