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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It's already grown on me. A hit ladies!
  2. It's revenge for them not winning the song of the year Two Thousand and Twice teen.
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  3. Us being trop-bop apologists and stanning Gfriend's Fever, Oh My Girl's Nonstop and More & More.

  4. I actually love this a lot.......Ngl I was scared for a moment I might not love a TWICE title track, worst 15 minutes of my life.

  5. I was just gonna say, the video was pretty but the costume designer needs a good shake for those cliche ~~ethnic~~ outfits in the "indoor" scenes and also those stupid flare-leg jeans, ugh. Not a fan of the white costumes either actually. I like their Eden looks though. ETA: After a few watches I really dislike the choreography too ww

    As for the song ... I'm whelmed. I'll try the mini later.
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  6. Stop it with this Nonstop dragging, it's way superior!

    Anyway, I think this is an okay song. Not their best but not their worst, I'll bop!

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  7. Hmm I like the song more after watching Sera's reaction video.

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  8. The mini is not bad but it's still no Feel Special.

    I hope this doesn't mean they've found their peak musically and it's down from here. Let's hope they have another comeback this year.

    That being said I wouldn't say any of it's bad it's just not on par with their previous two comebacks. It's still nice, and once the initial disappointment disappates, it'll be much more appreciated.
  9. aux


    You're gonna say more, more, more, more, more and more
    멈추지 못해 more, more, more and more
    그러니 한 번 더
    I wanna have more, more, more, more, more and more
    멈추기 싫어 more, more, more and more
    그러니 한 번 더


    This is growing on me ladies! My expectations were super high, I guess I was expecting something as perfect and instant as Fancy and Feel Special, but this is still great TWICE and great K-Pop. It also helps that the mini is sublime, lemme purchase.
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  10. They realy said








    Kylie Minogue found shaking.
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  11. Not the whole thread in matter of half an hour


    Also Shadow is god tier b-side but it's LDN Noise so I'm not surprised.
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  12. It all sounds like something Red Velvet would put out.

    maybe More and More will grow, it is stuck in my head after two listens.
  13. Not me, I stand by my opinion and will keep saying this song is bad

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  14. aux


    The whole mini is something fun, something for the summertime, something for, y'know, the girls to get ready and party to.
  15. About the mini, I don't think it's as strong as 'Feel Special' but that also doesn't mean much cause I genuinely think thats the best mini album I have ever heard, this is holding on really well at first listen.

    Make Me Go & Firework are both chefs kiss and I actually adore Sweet Summer Day.
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  16. The way Sweet Summer Day is 100% a Verivery demo (same writers behind their new jack swing trilogy). I stan.

    Are we all rallying behind Shadow in the June rate ladies?
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  17. It feels about four years too late sonically. But it is pretty catchy. And Momo served throughout! Will check out the album later.
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  18. 1. Shadow
    2. Make Me Go
    3. Firework

    I think that this is correct. x
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  19. I'm feeling a little underwhelmed by the mini after the initial listen, to be honest. Both of the previous ones were a lot more instant. We'll see if this is a grower.
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  20. [​IMG]

    I mean... is it as as good as Fancy or Feel Special? Definitely not. Is tropical house the most tired trend in k-pop and needs to fucking die already? Absolutely. But I think it's still cute and may grow with more listens, I actually love the breakdown during the bridge and I'm glad they didn't keep it only for the video. What I am disappointed by is that the "dark" imagery with the snake was a total cop out, I was expecting there to be a twist ala Love Cherry Motion and... nothing.
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