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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I have to say I actually dislike the video (except for the water stage bit). Everything else seems so busy, cluttered and not in a ~cool~ way. Feels like several years of Coachella fashion blogs mishmashed together while tripping on acid - but again, not in a ~cool~ way. I can't explain it. Either way, Momo looks gorgeous and they all do. But it's not the kind of video I'd feel inspired to re-watch over and over again.
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  2. More & More tries to reach the heights of their other great singles but just doesn’t break through. It’s passable but just there. A shame. The video is pretty but claustrophobic as hell. Uggh I hate I’m saying this.
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  3. Yas let's hate together

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  4. Rem


    am i gonna force myself to listen to this on repeat until i enjoy it because i pre-ordered all three versions of the album?

  5. More & More written by MNEK, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and Zara Larsson... this sounding straight out of 2016 is making a lot more sense now.
  6. Honestly, after I saw the credits (Zara Larrson, MNEK, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter... a nightmare, literally a nightmare), my expectations weren't exactly high. And yeah... great verses, beautiful verses.
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  7. That drop is just so tragic. If they were going for a drop, at least it could have been something fun and fresh like this

    The More & More verses + the ASSA pre-chorus/drop (which I think sounds a bit TWICE-y) would have made for a great song.
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  8. I keep expecting it to go

    You’re gonna say
    More more more more more and LaLaLaLa
    Love me hey YaYaYaYa

    No idea why.
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  9. MORE & MORE is neither really bad or really good, it's just...there I guess?? I do find it a bit underwhelming after the 1-2 punch titles that are 'FANCY' and 'Feel Special'.

    At least the visuals are kinda nice?? I'll check out the mini later.
  10. That breakdown + middle-8 combo. ITZY's neverending grip on the Kpop industry we love to see it!

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  11. Make Me Go... Now that is a song that is very pleasing to me.
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  12. I am double posting once again but Shadow is serving OEC and guess what? I love it!

    I have decided that i am gonna stockholm sendrome myself to More n More!
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  13. Imagine this as a Britney lead for Glory. Truly makes you think.
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  14. Thats how you clear

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  15. 'Kay I've listened to the mini a few times now, have some Opinions.
    • More & More really isn't bad, like it's a catchy song, but it's just such an overdone sound as many have already said. I don't hate it, I just don't really care about it.
    • Oxygen sounds busy/cluttered, I don't find it pleasant or fun to listen to.
    • Firework is ... fine. It reminds me VERY strongly of another song, especially in the chorus, but I can't place which one.
    • Make Me Go is my favorite track here, it's a great flirty bop. A little bit sexy, a little bit sassy.
    • Shadow is nice, nothing that striking but it's pretty. I really like the high notes in the chorus.
    • Don't Call Me Again is super cute, idk if I'd listen to it often but it's fun.
    • Sweet Summer Day ... exists, unfortunately.
    Overall ... it's a decent but not outstanding mini for me, and there's a couple songs I'll probably put on my usual rotation, but I'm still not ready to hop on the bandwagon.
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  16. Aside from Make Me Go, I liked Sweet Summer Day a lot. It's a really cute, fun throwback to old TWICE.

    The two best songs in the mini being the ones written by TWICE members, and after they had writing credits in most of the Fancy You and Feel Special songs too. We stan singer-songwriters. JYP should just let them write the next mini/album.
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  17. #85 on FLO but they’ve made their charts based on new listeners so the song builds up rather than debuts high.
  18. Rem


    Thinking about how Fancy and Feel Special didn't go number one and this probably will.

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  19. The Llama noises in Oxygen are so iconic, I can't help but scream.
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