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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. For real though, whoever decided that, after two highly successful and acclaimed minis, the direction TWICE should go in is... tired trop-pop... deserves to be fired.
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  2. Direct your complaints at MNEK!
  3. He


    Why is SK so obsessed with tropical house still?

    I'm happy TWICE continues to reign, and this bops, but that those other two didn't get to number 1... hmmt.
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  4. dd I mean MNEK did give us Girls Like Us so I can't be too mad. And besides, it's not like him, Zara or even Julia & Justin are pushing this kind of sound in 2020. It must have been an intentional label decision, since 4 or 5 of the songs in the album all have tropical house elements.
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  5. He


    I hope Sunmi and Chungha try something a more fresh in terms of "summer sound".
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  6. Rem


    I think it might be because they're trying to appeal to the western market with this song? It does sound a little more ~ safe ~ compared to Fancy and Feel Special. I'm not too sure though ddd.
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  7. R92


    Well, More & More isn't awful, but after the incredible one-two punch of 11/10s that were Fancy and Feel Special, this just feels so slight. This hasn't been the most satisfying of weeks to be a Gaga and Twice stan, has it...
  8. Well, only 8 days until WJSN comeback.
  9. I might have forgiven MNEK and co. if More & More sounded like If I'm Dancing.

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  10. aux


    For me, right now this is my #KSOTY20

    But this comes really fucking close...

    And this too...

    We're pretty much in the middle of the year, so this could change by the end of the year. Hell, it could change in the next four weeks with all the releases we're getting this month.

    Speaking of, I've already lost track of what else is coming out this month apart from Sumni and BLACKPINK.

  11. I really doubt anyone but Apink will take the KSOTY #1 at this point, and deservedly so this time.
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  12. So I'm the only one stanning More & More?

    This thread reversal.
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  13. He


    Momo in the dance break... a star.

    Dahyun in the center... a charisma vacuum.
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  14. It's no Fancy/Feel Special but this is me, I think it's great! The whole mini is fantastic.
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  15. I came into this thread certain of the acclaim only to see that I'm the only one fully on board for this! I love the drop, love the visuals, love the basicness, I am always 100% here for k-tropi-bops and that chorus with the multiple red-headed Sanas? I'm still on the floor. The mini is not as good as Feel Special but nothing in the hirstory of humanity will ever come close to the greatness of that release. It's a win for me!

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  16. Expose your ignore list a bit hun!
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  17. I think it'll grow on me with some fun performances. That's happened to me a lot with Twice songs teebs.
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  18. @BEST FICTION and I are also tropibopsters, don’t worry. Us girls have to stick together.
    I don’t see LALALILALA on that list...? :)
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  19. Make Me Go grabbed me by the ponytails, tied me to the ceiling fan and turned it on max speed. What kind of 90s slut bop is this?? Who's playing that bass and why aren't they in jail?
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  20. When I first opened the new Twice video I shuddered thinking this was gonna be another T-ara YaYaYa type scenario where they appropriated Native American attire.. seems like it was only a dress print tho ddd
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