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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I’m not seeing it for More and More...
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  2. omg soty
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  3. I'm sorry but I don't want anything unless Chaeyeon is involved.

  4. I was fully prepared to despise 'More & More', and... it's great! And blows 'Nonstop' out of the water teebs. It's one of those rare instances where the trop styling works in service of the actual song, instead of just piling on the toot-toot squiggly synth bullshit and calling it a day. The drop, with its pitched, chopped-and-screwed vocals, shouldn't work, but it does, and it's downright kinetic.

    That said, now that literally every single act has unleashed their perfunctory trop track, I think we can safely incinerate the genre and move tf on.
  5. Island

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    Looks like Weki Meki will save K-Pop this June. Got to be got to be.
  6. Not when weeekly are coming.

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  7. I quite like More & More.To be fair, the follow up to their magnum opus will sound a bit disappointing.
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  8. I want to say More & More is kinda shit but anything followed by Feel Special is bound to be. I like the pre-chorus though! That chorus into the middle 8 gets none of my time though.

    Edit: Oxygen does everything More&More tries to do and more.
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  9. Some of the ensembles for the indoor scenes are quite stereotypically "ethnic"- or "native"-inspired, i.e. "tribal" prints in bright colors, leather or beaded headbands, and feathers and beads woven into the hair, paired with "southwestern" elements like large belt buckles and riding boots. Being white, I don't think it's my place to designate it as appropriation or not, but objectively these styles are at best tacky and at worst disrespectful, even if not "problematic" per se.

    You mentioned that it's reminiscent of 1960s fashion, and that's true - 60s fashion trends often "borrowed" or outright appropriated elements of Native American/First Nations and Mexican traditional dress. (Here's a thesis essay on that topic by Alison Rose Bazylinski, for anyone interested.) These trends regularly cycle back into popular fashion.

    Sadly it's not the first time South Korean artists have been styled with this fashion trend and I'm sure it won't be the last. At least it's not egregiously offensive like the infamous T-ara MV @Empty Shoebox posted earlier.

    As for the rest of the clothes, they aren't problematic, they're just ugly.
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  10. More & More is quite good on reflection.
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  11. I've just heard the mini and I like most of it. I wish I could say "love" but it blends together too much except for Oxygen and Don't Call Me Again. Sweet Summer Day sticks out but I feel like they've done that sound much better in the past so it's forgettable to my ears. Overall, it's not bombastic like last year's releases were, which takes a bit to adjust to.

    Firework is my early favorite because it surprisingly does the latin influenced sound more succesfully than I expected in 2020. It also reminds me of this forgotten bop so it gets extra points from me:

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  12. The only thing I don't like in More & More is the dubstep sounding dance breakdown. Like, was it really necessary?
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  13. I kind of dig Twice deploying every single outdated trend that they'd otherwise skirted around in a single song. They got it all out of their system and are now free to move on!
  14. After sitting on it a bit and going back into it... More & More is a nice song. Is it worthy of a group like TWICE or on par with some of their other songs? No. Although i'd definitely say its the more replayable of their songs in the case of it being a harmless bop that you can just listen to without really paying attention.
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  15. are we talking about SOTYs here?

    don't forget to vote in the dreamcatcher rate
  16. That part and Dahyun's rap are poison if we're being honest.
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  17. The dubstep is actually my favorite part of the song dddd but i like out of the place dubstep most of the times i'm biased towards this
  18. Dahyun's rap is fine but the dance break is just so random and out of place. It's just not needed.
  19. It's not really dubstep though and it's my favorite part of the song, dddd.
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  20. I understand that a lot of 60s fashion did borrow from Native Americans and Eastern cultures but the girls looks don’t feel like their wearing a traditional costume to me. Like those idiots at Coachella wearing Native American war bonnets. Most of the pieces that are being deemed questionable are all from the same designer, Etro. Wouldn’t there have been backlash at that designer already if these prints were problematic? It all feels more bohemian to me but the excess which k-pop styling is known for might be pushing it close to the edge. I think it’s a fine line but I don’t feel like they crossed the line... just maybe they’re close to it. And as said before we aren’t in T-ARA YaYaYa territory but like you who am I to say if it’s appropriation or not.
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