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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Everyone loves Dreamcatcher, as evidenced by this video I watched earlier.

    If by some miracle they ever win on a music programme, it'll probably be the most popular win since...?
  2. GFriend Yuju shows some stretching exercises.
    One is in 0:00-1:00, rest is about second exercise.
    I recommend to make sure not to fall, if you maybe want to try. Also Yuju recommends blanket.
  3. ok just listened to the mini and WHY isn't make me go the single? it s l a p s
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  4. Yeri supports Black Lives Matter...
    That is all...
  5. I loved it! They never let me down, never. The second half of the chorus when Jihyo goes "aaaaah" always gets me. The mv is amazing and the tropical vibe was on point. And let's not talk about oxygen <3.
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  6. Catching up and More and More sounds like a b-side wtf.
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  7. Wait why is the whole EP kinda clunky and awkward melodically. Wtf happened here.

    Make Me Go is probably the choice cut but it still sounds underbaked.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm taking @Slice of Life to court if Go Won doesn't get an Unnie of the Year nomination at the GRAMAMAs.
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  9. Thank god that shit wasn't the actual single from Momoland dd

  10. More & More is Twice’s Kill this Love
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  11. Let’s not be dramatic. It’s more like their Umpah Umpah.
  12. Girl...
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  13. I don’t really like anything on the EP so for me it’s a Kill This Love :(

    At least with Umpah Umpah, I could salvage two songs.
  14. I think you guys have been spoilt, clearly. Cause More & More is probably their 3rd best mini-album overall but they just so happened to release their 2 best last year so y'all are gonna be dramatic and hateful dd. Go back and listen to their old mini albums before you start to hate, this is still a good EP.
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  15. Yes?
  16. The More & More mini is actually better than the Fancy mini but I know we’re not allowed to say that.
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  17. I agree but I thought I'd let them have their feelings a bit before I dashed them dd
  18. I like More & More! Issa mood, issa vibe, but that's how I felt about Long Flight and we all know how that fared in KSOTY19.

    It doesn't reach the highs of Fancy or Feel Special but it's still great. The mini album overall is better than most of their other mini albums, which were a slog to sit through outside of the title tracks.
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  19. Nah it's their

  20. It's literally their 'Nonstop', even success wise.

    Moving on now dddd
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