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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Okay but where is her book?
  2. Geez listening to Dessert isn’t helping my diet.
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  3. @Slice of Life unnie, hold me - our girl is finally free of the dungeon and ready to thrive!
  4. This is stunning. Time to delve back into her discography.

    Youra is teasing and excuse my French, I'm confused:

    Here's Huh Chan Mi's music video:

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  5. This is so beautiful.

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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    O N E
    D A Y
    I T
    W I L L
    S T O P


    This is stunning, omfg. My daughter is free from YG. Her suffering has stopped. And we love to see it! Please support her, unnies!!! If you don't, that means you support YG's misogynist ass.

    Helpppp why I'm getting so emotional ahshshshsjshsjsjsjs she deserves the world
  7. Ok I’m a bitsy obsessed with the new Somi song
  8. Amazing.
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  9. Very cute
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  10. He


    She’s shown she’s a good dancer before, but this choreo is pretty meh.

    Her stage presence is lacking a bitsy, too.
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  11. R92


    Somi's song is straight out of 2009, but with how shitty this week is and how overwhelmed I've been feeling, it's been just what I needed. It's just a shame that nothing she's done in her solo career has had the same level of charisma she's exhibited at select moments in her earlier career (notably the Bang Bang cover in P101).

    Dessert is a bop.

    Yukika and Irene/Seulgi still are the overwhelming triumphs of this week.
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  12. I didn't even know that Lee Hyori, Rain, and Yoo Jae Suk song was out let alone sitting at the top of Melon. C'mon Ms. Hyori grace us with an other comeback this century please.
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  13. lowkey loving the new Somi song!
    We do need another "Yogurt Girl" moment!
  14. Jieun from SECRET’s comeback is almost here:

  15. Can we give the blonde back up dancer a debut though?
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  16. Lee Hi's song is quite nice. I guess it's probably about getting over a relationship, not recovering from mental illness/trauma, but the MV really made my heart hurt all the same. That feeling of wanting to protect your younger self ... yeah. Ouch.

    On a lighter note, the visuals in Chanmi's MV are really pretty. I don't mind the song ... I'd probably like it more if it sounded a bit more original though. As it is, it kind of sounds like a watered-down Apink track or something.
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  17. It's perfect. She's perfect. I got really emotional after hearing it for the first time and I'm scared to listen and watch the video again for fear that it's going to hit even harder the second time around.
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  18. Ms. Fiancée lowkey making me feel like a dangerous unnie with their latest comeback and having an insanely great year.
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  19. What You Waiting for: 9/10
    Naughty: 7/10
    Dessert: 3/10
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