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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It's mostly the same acts that were nominated last year, the only difference is NCT and Blackpink were replaced by (G)I-DLE and Red Velvet. I imagine they felt going for five boy groups and one girl group again would look bad, and since Blackpink didn't have anything eligible (How You Like That must have been released after the cut-off date) they had to look at other girl groups. The weirdest thing for me is why they went for (G)I-DLE instead of Twice or even ITZY.
  2. Thank you xx! This makes up for the betrayal in Slasher.
  3. He


    I'm thinking JYP didn't lobby for it, since it means little for their plans perhaps.

    Maybe this was also part of G-IDLE now cancelled West debut, with the tour and all.
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  4. I still think it's weird because (G)I-dle didn't make the waves people might think they have done in the West. They've got popularity and views, for sure, and they certainly have a huge international appeal in general, I am definitely not denying that, but they're very much getting their popularity in Korea (and now China).

    And I know they just recently started their little US venture, with a US label...which is why I'm suspecting (#slasher) that a label is probably just working hard getting their name out there, maybe? A nomination can certainly help give them clout. Whereas we know JYP has been fumbling the bag a lot with Twice in the US dddd.

    And that's what I was gonna say, too! Not to be a troll I swear, but why wasn't "Feel Special" considered? (I know, a score 3, blablabla ddd). I know Twice didn't exactly set the international market alive the same way they do on a daily basis with the Korean one, but I'm still pretty sure that their current standing in the US is bigger (for now) than (G)I-Dle's (and Red Velvet's?)

    Plus, lowkey... Even EVERGLOW probably have more a foot down in the West, at least streaming wise apparently?

    I'm not even saying I disagree with the list. It's just curious, yaknow? Well, like others have said, VMAs = irrelevant, so whatever I guess dddd

    EDIT: nobody telling me i said east instead of west.... literally a bunch of fake hoes like a certain someone I know (not me x)
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  5. Also in nugu:

    And news for the two other people who care:

    And for the zero people who care where I've been, I'll admit that I have watched this video more times than was strictly necessary:
  6. Wait... has anyone talked about M*M*MOO's juniors? They seem really promising:

    There are two other individual teasers on their channel and the last one is coming in two days I believe.
    Like a Star sounds so good, I hope we get a full version.
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  7. Imagine the disruption if BTS doesn't win this. The "but they are not Kpop anyway" narrative will get much more annoying.
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    Ok, kind of perched't.
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  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Fffddfff not even I watched it, y’all know I’m ambivalent towards their English stuff
  10. He


    Ddd I didn't recognize Soyou when you all first posted her new song. I thought it was someone else.

    Sis looks a bit different but snatched still. Chungha, Sunmi and her should do a collab mash-up stage.

    Now, if you had told me Soyou would be the one trying to release bops instead of Hyolyn...
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  11. Well this definitely sounds shit
  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    It sounds like I'll love this ddddd bye
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  13. He


    Sounds pretty fun actually!
  14. You when I coerce you into listening to this:
  15. It sounds pretty good actually.
  16. I think it sounds great! (G)-IDLE switching it up and still no one’s pleased lol.
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  17. No this sounds good.
  18. Imma need you to verbalize your thoughts.
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