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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I love it! Their best release since HANN.
    Yuqi and Minnie sound fantastic.
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  2. I like it! It’s really cute. Soojin looks phenomenal serving Dora realness. And good for Miyeon for finally getting ha main vocal lines. This was a much needed switch up.
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  3. I'm not feeling the new (G)I-Dle song at all, but people can't really blame them for remaking the same song because it doesn't sound like anything they've done in the past. Which is a nice thing in itself.
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  4. I think I like it but then I only really like one other (G)I-DLE song... I just don’t think they’re a group for me.
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  5. aux


    Not only is Reboot the best K-Pop album to ever exist, but it is also one of the best albums ever. Listening to this album for the first time this year was life-changing.

    The incredible "Baby Don't Play" is so fucking good that I thought was the title track for the longest time - the same can be said about most (if not all) of the tracks on this album. "Candle" is a legendary serve, as is "I Feel You" which continues to be the perfect slice of modern 80s throwback. "Rewind" mid-tempo gorgeousness really continues to push the excellence and variety of the album.

    Yubin's opening rap in "Loved"... Iconic. The bridge in "John Doe" is one of the best built structures in the world. "One Black Night" is another classic which really summates my love for this album in a just three minutes and forty-six seconds - an absolutely relentless bop that scalps you from the moment it begins.

    "Back" and "OPPA" switch things up but still totally fit the throwback landscape of the album. "Faded Love" and "GONE" are exactly the type of slow, sultry mid-tempo that the album needed. This 2-1 punch slowly takes things to the end of the night after a long night of dancing at the club. The divine ballad "Remember" closes out the album and as it ends with the song slowly fading out, you realise that you've just listened to one of the best pieces of work of the 21st century.

    The album is amazing, song to song I can't stress it enough... They could release every song off here and it could be a single. I'm telling you, it's amazing... So it's an A+.
  6. D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB (winner!)
    D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB (oh yeah!)
    D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB (winner!)
    D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB D.B.D.B.DIB (red sun!)

  7. I love DUMDi DUMDi
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  8. I’m happy for Girdle...
    Finally releasing something that feels new...
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  9. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

  10. Yukika released a track by track of her album! There are no English subs but if your first language is part of the Latin language tree you can try to make sense of it with Italian subs!!!!

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  11. The good thing about Gidle's new song is it doesn't sound like their previous output. The bad thing is I honestly can't remember what it sounds like. Soojin's killing it.
  12. G-Idle has done it again.
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  13. I love Dumdi Dumdi but the MV seems half baked, like they only had a day in their schedule to film it, at least they all look amazing and are having fun. And Soojin looks AMAZING with her borrowed wig from Lisa, I mean Cleopatra.
  14. Not Girdle finally releasing a good song after what felt like years.
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  15. Awwwwww

    Bora and Dasom under the spoiler tag! This is too cute.

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  16. Take me hiiiiiigher, Eric!
  17. He


    This warms my heart!
  18. I don't know how to embed Spotify playlists here so I'll just put it under a spoiler. It's a palylist called K-VIBES I made containing my favorite reggae/ska/dancehall inspired K-pop songs, if anyone's interested! @Crisp X I remember you saying something about this style working well with the genre so you may like it too.

    I'd also love to receive suggestions!
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  19. Wait, that sounds amazing?
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