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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    Gfriend’s is giving me Brave Girls with a bigger budget. It’s great.

    They way I clutched my pearls at the Yuju scenes!
  2. Amazing as always. The guitars in Love Spell, Yuju serving in the MAGO video, GRWM being a masterpiece... GFRIEND said you guys are in a crisis and we are on our way!
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  3. GRWM and Better Me being fantastic bops too...

    The girls are really delivering this year.
  4. There's a different mix of Apple on the album!
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  5. Kylie unnie better take some notes! This is how you go disco. The way Three of Cups blooming in the chorus into a blockbuster faggy bop. Sometimes i win too.
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  6. Better Me is IT! If there's one thing my girl Sowon is gonna do, it's turn it out!

  7. And @nikkysan was questioning what she brings to the group!!!
  8. Whew finally a comeback from a Big 3 girl group that I like.
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  9. Invented YouTube!!!! The whole album is phenomenal — GFRIEND are and ALWAYS were album artists. Putting Apple, Crossroads and Labyrinth at the end to try and entice the people who didn't like them when they came out...yup, the minds of masterminds. A buddy EVENT today!
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  10. Poor Twice...
  11. This is their best (only good really) comeback single this year.
  12. I still managed to throw I Can’t Stop Me a few points in the monthly charts, unlike you and Red Velvet’s Future xx
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  13. That's not what their accountant said. Stay blessed.

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  14. Not TAEMIN releasing his best single and everyone is glossing over it. IDEA is fucking amazing!! (So is the MV)
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  15. It’s GFRIEND’s time sorry. Maybe SM should have delayed Taemin’s release.
  16. Whew GFriend and Taemin came through! Songs like that they are stories etc.
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  17. I'm not a misandrist, but for GFRIEND release day I will make an exception. Fuck Taemin, GFRIEND is skinny!

  18. Not "Wheel of the year" www Pagan queens! I'll have to give MAGO and the album a listen later.
  19. I'd feel bad for Taemin being ignored in favour for GFriend if Idea was any good but... welp. Hopefully the album is better, I'll listen tomorrow because tonight I hate men!
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  20. aux


    I think we all hate men tonight.

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