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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They covered him all up. Where's marketing department? No one is here for vocals people!
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  2. Mina looks so good blonde.
  3. When this was the cover for Wonho's EP...

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    Okay there has still been no official announcement from EXO's official twitter or instagram, and not even oh_mes2 has posted, but Baekhyun is debuting solo in Japan with a mini album with SIX VERSIONS. I swear, these boys are gonna bankrupt me.......

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  5. Not GFRIEND doing Mago promotions without Eunha cuz she’s sick. It’s not right.


    psycho promotions teas. Mago about to smash?
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  6. I'm always here for a Hani sighting, even in GIF form. I miss her terribly. I missed the Japanese online concert but saw the setlist. Shocked at some of the omissions, especially Night Rather Than Day since they recorded an OT5 version on Blessed and Cream since it's literally been recorded in 3 different languages, but the fact that Hani and LE busted out Weeknd and then Hyelin and Jeongwha busted out Are You Hungry? kind of makes up for it.

    The setlist for any interested folks (if the poster made sure to say what language I included that too):

    Bad Girl For You
    I Love You (KOR)
    How You Doin'
    Too Good To Me (JPN)
    Weeknd (Le & Hani)
    Are You Hungry? (Hyelin & Jeongwha)
    Rains Again (Solji)
    Me & You
    Cookie & Cream
    DDD (KOR)
    Hot Pink (JPN)
    Up & Down (KOR)
    We Are
  7. We-
    I didn't even remember the cover, so there's still hope!
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  8. I just watched GFriend's new video and I'm speechless by this transformation. Like, I can't really believe that's Yuju dancing on a pole.

    The song is up there with pporappippam for me as the top 2 of this year.
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  9. I feel like TWICE are sonically a year behind on their Japanese releases.
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  10. would like this cover as a poster, actually
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  11. Respectfully... this album art is very distressing
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  12. This is such a good song. The pre-chorus is such a delight.
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  13. what in the real housewives is this.

  14. Who the hell is Sil Be.

    also this stuff makes me laugh, all the noise about how everyone is best pals and brothers and sisters. Na they hate working with people just as much as we do.
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  15. I'm actually not too into Better yet. It took me a minute to figure out why, but I think I've got it. The melodies work against the girls vocals. I'm actually usually a huge fan of Twice's vocals but there is something about the melodies in this song (most of them, not all) that isn't doing anything for the girls. I dunno.

    We got a fair amount of rapper Chae though so I'm happy about that.
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  16. This is actually fascinating nn I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kpop stars be so candid. I wish we saw more of those moments, not for the messiness or whatever, just because it’s super interesting.
    Poor Uhm Jung-hwa crying. She’s the sweetest.
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  17. OH MY GOD YES I GOT INTO HIM YESTERDAY (aside from Candy which I’ve been hammering for weeks)!!!!
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  18. I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but it is in Korean so...

    But this is some great house if anyone is up for that!
  19. She was supposed to have been my first K-Pop(ish?) gig last summer :(
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