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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. The structure takes some time to get used to but it’s a great debut. Yoon is that girl
  3. aux


    This is so fucking good.

  4. J’s deep voice is everything.
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  5. STAYC really killed it but also

    I REALLY love this!
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  7. Pack it up, Aespa!

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  8. Both of these thoughts were my first thoughts - sounds like an Apink song that goes on a bit too long.
  9. STAYC delivered, it's everything I hoped for and more. No gimmicks, just talent and BEP's immaculate production. Whew!
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  10. So Bad is excellent now. Black Eyed Pilsung didn’t disappoint.
  11. STAYC’s So Bad is great!! This is how I want my KPOP. Unadulterated joyous fun...I did clutch my pearls a little when the deep voiced girl started to sing. Wasn’t expecting that.
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  12. So Bad is so good and I could definitely hear Apink and TWICE on this, but I do think it's on the weaker side of either group's BEP-produced material. However, for a debut it's an absolute monster.

    They've done some things that they wouldn't have for artists they just make songs for, such as letting J showcase her deep voice. It's exciting to think what else the girls could deliver in the future with BEP having free range to do what they want.
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  13. Why is nobody talking about the b-side? Does everyone hate it?

  14. It just doesn’t hold a candle to So Bad. It’s solid but doesn’t click with me until the actual chorus starts.
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  15. Everglow are back on their noisy side for this new OST:

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  16. The MV recreations truly are a blessing. I'm dead, an actual icon.
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  17. Such a serve of a debut! I'm already so excited to hear what they have in store in the future. It also made me think something: not that I don't mind the current disco domination, but can we have a drum'n'bass takeover in Kpop next?

    Wait a minute, this took me by surprise a little. The teaser had me expecting something quite different, I'd say a more traditionally bombastic chorus, but she pulled off this one in its low-keyness. The hook is already stuck in my head as well.

    On a last note, to say I'm looking forward to BoA's documentary is an understatement but SM girls... where are the subs?

  18. !!

    STAYC girlz in the recording booth:
  19. The NATTY song is great, but that STAYC track really is fantastic isn't it?
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  20. Whewww this STAYC debut!! The production is exceptional and the girls seem to show a lot of personality, their voices are also quite distinct from one another. Exciting!
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