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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I’m gonna have to stan on that one.
  2. eccentricsimply

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  3. I love this.

    But then again, I love Hedda Mae, too.
  4. We Lost the Summer MV

  5. Tracklist for GOT7's Breath of Love : Last Piece

    Looks like 2 singles? NO JYP and most of the members wrote on the album.

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  6. Those aespa visuals are low key ugly. The initial teasers looked good but once the avatars came up it all became a bit fanart. It doesn't help that the girls are cosplaying Itzy either. I expect the single to be a bop since SM has the means to deliver, but I'm questioning the taste regarding everything visual.
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  7. [​IMG]
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    Where and how are they cosplaying Itzy? Because they are wearing colorful outfits???? Make it make sense to me sis
  9. Who’s that on the TV screen in the back right of the first photo?!? A secret 5th member?
  10. I mean... ITZY's styling is just a bunch of trendy shit thrown together. They look good most of the time but it's nothing to write home about, so I don't see how the aespa girls are cosplaying them dd.
    With that said, those teasers are fugly.
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  11. The girl wearing green with the orange-y hair looks too much like Chaeryeong (since she has the same hair and is always wearing green) and the combination of sport wear + glitter/velvet high boots reminds me a lot of them too. They certainly weren't the first to have those visuals but the overall colors and styling is similar to me.


    Not implying it's a copy/inspiration or anything, but SM is known for being (usually) ahead of the curve with their concepts and everyting aespa is giving me is Charli XCX photoshoot from 2018. As they're a nugu I was expecting a bit more of... identity?

    EDIT: miss @junglefish put it better than I could!
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  12. If we need to wait til they debut to get shady, then you need to wait too before you start stanning.

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  13. When Itzy released Dalla Dalla I remember folks in these parts saying they were cosplaying Blackpink...
    Also the photo without the avatars is giving me 4 Walls Japanese Version single cover...
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  14. Breath is the pre-release single being released a week earlier than the album on the 23rd and then the album is the 30th.

    All of the members wrote a song tbh.
    Track 1 is written by Ars (Youngjae's pen name)
    Track 2 is DEFSOUL (Jaebeom's pen name)
    Track 3 is Mark
    Track 4 is Jackson
    Track 5 is Jinyoung (so it's going to be the best song on the album)
    Track 6 is Bambam
    Track 7 is a collaborative effort between Yugyeom and yours truly nn.
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  15. Itzy's stylists have been accused a number of times of copying Blackpink.
    I don't know if perhaps the stylists or costumes are owned by a third party who they hire for comebacks, but it would explain things.
  16. All will be forgiven if the Æ girls manage to scam their way into the Super Smash Bros roster tbh

  17. [​IMG]

    Nature is HEALING! Dolphins seen in Venice again! Dodo birds back from extinction.. It's a MAGOfication of the world.
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  18. Heh I was criticizing SM's styling as if there was any basis for that and then I remembered I stan this

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll shut up!
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  19. Maybe Irene made some points

  20. Did anyone try the So Bad by nugu recording artistes STAYC? I thought the So Bad by nugu recording artistes STAYC was lovely.
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