K-Pop (General Discussion)

ITZY just announced an album with english versions of all their title tracks

Omfg I have the biggest news for you unnies...

My boyfriend has proposed to me this Christmas T___T

Here's a picture of him being stupidly adorable

So starting today, y'all can officially call me Mrs. Lee ♡♡♡
Me and the KPJ unnies arriving to the wedding


Us getting improperly dressed for the ceremony


Us being asked to leave after some messery induced by tiew many glasses of Soju


Congrats!! ♡​
Why do kpop companies consistently think they can get away with........... not paying their artists from China/HK? This is such a tale as old as time dddddd they've been suing to get rid of those contracts for years and yet it's rinse and repeat.
Cube in particular has a habit of doing this. Guan Lin & Yanan from Pentagon both have been through so much shit just to promote under Cube. It's actually disgusting. I feel sad knowing that Shuhua & Yuqi are probably dealing with the same thing as we speak.