K-Pop (General Discussion)

So proud of my boys getting the recognition and opportunities they deserve.


VICTON is also about to drop full (great) album.

AB6IX started their comeback with first collaboration and teaser image. They say it will be "disco"!

They improved America boy group's "Fallin': single:

Y'all cut INFINITE's "Lately" on Christmas Day in SweeTune Rate but DRIPPIN is here to remind you of your sins:

Lastly, ONF is battling a Chinese boy group C.T.O on their survivial show:

There are also CRAVITY, Golden Child, TREASURE and T1419 gearing up for comebacks...
Wow I’ve missed so much. First of all, I don’t care what the new Dreamcatcher sounds like, they MUST get their first win these girls are way passed due.

Secondly, justice for Lately. I had listened to the preview video but not the whole song. You know how protective I am of my guys and their material, but I’ll give it a listen.

Finally, why am I just discovering that Lay is a Calvin Klein model? The fact that this wasn’t used to entice me into listening to EXO, I find to be homophobic and quite frankly a hate crime! LOL (it’s a joke folks)