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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Speaking of disbandment...

    Good for them for planning ahead!
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    JYP losing their China and Thailand market share just like that

    Sometimes, you lose, etc
  3. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Kinda explains why their new boy group is rumoured to be China-based like Niziu is Japan-based...
  4. I hope everything is fine between the boys themselves, and their quarrel is just with JYP. Hopefully, they can do something as closure for the fans, even just among themselves, like some DIY video or Live.
  5. The fact that they’re all just disappearing to other countries and labels I feel like I’m going to explode

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  6. It sucks that GOT7 ends with seemingly so much bad blood between them and their company, JYP did them dirty tbh; it also sucks that Jinyoung is going the actor route, I mean, good for him but still... :(
    As for the diz*bandment, the problem here is that relying on companies not being stupid is... well...
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  7. I was holding out all hope but the writing has been on the wall. I'm glad I rediscovered GOT7 last year because they truly made 2020 so much bearable for me.
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  8. No sound like I'm throwing shade at them because 1) they have large, varied discographies and 2) I'd be stupid to insult them on here, but part of IU and Taeyeon's success come from largely being willing (and good at) producing music that goes with the general taste of the Korean GP, which is balladry.

    Chungha's under no impression that she's set to be a big of a name amongst the aunties and uncles in Korea as IU or Taeyeon when she's making music and visuals that look likea wet dream out of a drag bar in Itaewon dddd.

    She'll be fine focusing on getting hit singles, especially when streaming and the internet allows for k-pop to be so international now. She literally won awards in 2018 and 2019 for how big Roller Coaster and Gotta Go were.
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  9. Youngjae just posted this. It's starting to hit me. welp.
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  10. All of the members posting on Instagram except for Jinyoung and Jackson.


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  11. At least their disbandment is perfectly timed with their rate I’m hosting

  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'm honestly worried just for Mark. I mean, returning to the US, starting a Youtube channel......... isn't that the Amberprint™??? And y'all know what happened to the Kween of Shaking That Brass. Plus aren't his friends known to be problematique or am I just making this one up? Please confirm. Mark doesn't need that energy in his life.
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  13. Yeah, I thought she seemed more aimed at an international audience. Is she catching on, globally, though? I don't think I've seen a K-Pop group that really smashed internationally before making it in Korea. I've seen takes on Reddit and Twitter saying that that's what's happening with the 4th gen (international before local), but I read that a bit as a symptom that the big players from the previous gen are simply still dominating locally so there isn't much room for new players yet.
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  14. That's JINSON for you. They are probably in the middle of a deep, introspective discussion with each other.

    I think Mark will be OK. The guys are not going to be out of each others lives like that.

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  15. I don't know about his problematic friends, but Mark had a "controversy" over a YouTuber exposing his family's address in Los Angeles. I take that his family's a bit well off... ? He must miss them, too.

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  16. Aw, that was such a sweet message. The caption gives me hope they can hopefully self-produce some swan song moment/performance for the fans? That is if JYP doesn't block them or anything.
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  17. nn I’m not remembering any of his friends being especially problematic. When Yugyeom and Bambam went to LA they were the ones that were problematic skdjsks.

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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  19. nn I remember reading the group being kinda messy in their early years but they matured pretty quickly. 7 years and they pretty much had zero scandals (aside from that whole thing with Mark dating an e-girl that had connections with some guy that was accused of being part of the Molka chats so twitter dog piled him), unproblematic kings.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Also not to give a hot-take, but I'd argue Chungha's debut single is obviously clearly inspired by elements of "Why", which was a huge hit for Taeyeon just a year prior and at that point the most uptempo song she had smashed with. The fresh~ young~ summer~ look on top of the belting over a tropical house-y pop song clearly didn't land like people hoped with for Chungha because something didn't feel genuine (the amount of times I remember people mentioning how stuffy she sounded going for the big notes dddd, god).

    There was clearly a moment of hesitation and fear that Chungha wouldn't live up to the hype and expectations placed on her in a post-IOI world and with Why Don't You Know? feeling like a leftover for a different type of artist, which makes the bombshell that was Rollercoaster even more impressive.

    She went from what felt like a dud that missed the mark to her and MNH vanishing for six months and coming back with a side of dance music that wasn't trendy in k-pop and delivering a video and song that allowed Chungha to actually display her strengths as a creative and as a performer despite what was clearly not a huge budget. Her testing out the concept months prior with her performance on Immortal Song to win over the aunties and uncles. Her WORKING to make it a hit and it slowly climbing Gaon's chart and staying high for months to be one of the best-selling songs of 2018 alongside top balladeers and idol groups.

    She quite literally had both the biggest songs by a female soloist in 2018 *and* 2019. 2020 obviously wasn't as big for her, but we've seen through Stay Tonight and Dream Of You an artist evolving her sound and identity, even into taking risks that might push the boundaries of their genre. She could easily decide to oversaturate her discography with OSTs and ballads to maintain her success, but instead we've gotten made-for-gays dance tracks and interesting collabs with k-rap artists.

    So let me just reiterate that Miss Chungha is THAT girl.

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