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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Kssksk the way the person getting hit up didn’t even know who Mark is. Either way I think Mark is going to be pretty big on YouTube quickly because he already has an in with Day6’s Jae. They’ve already played Among Us with popular twitch streamers nn. Hopefully he drops the old friends and hangs more with gaming dweebs like Jae.
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  2. YouTubers make good coin, but it's usually not very long lived. The ones I notice that serve longevity usually sell/develop a physical product eventually (makeup, etc.).
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  3. Yeah you reach a plateau and have to start selling merchandise or branching out to other things.
  4. @Sanctuary have a like, but I won't stand by that "Why Don't You Know?" shade. Also she already provided songs for around 9 OSTs, so I'm not sure how valid the point about the lack of those in her discography is.
  5. Flop ones thankfully don't count!
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  6. Their discography wasn't perfect (but not anywhere near as bad as stan twitter would have you know), but when they got it right... whew.

    I can happily say these songs got me through some tough times, k-pop is the ultimate form of escapism music for me, so they served their purpose. I'm truly gonna miss them.
  7. He


    Most of Chungha’s comebacks (all since Rollercoaster) have been quite successful, as in Melon top 10-5 successful. And stay in the charts for quite a bit.

    She’s known and popular, and has quite a lot of CFs (another marking of gp success).

    It’s not unlike Sunmi, they’re always in the charts (they have actual hits) but are not big album sellers (smaller fanbases).
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  8. All this Chung Ha discussion and not even one (1) promo for this lil boppette from 2020


    She may not have been a Gaon chart-topper of this year but she was definitely being kept fed with those big bucks from The Coca-Cola Company, period!
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  9. This is her best song from last year.
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  10. I still think the pre-launch ballad is one of Chungha’s finest moments

  11. This is one of my highlights from last year.

    And I’m sure her main dance partner in it is deaf? Slay a bit.
  12. Well I liked everything she put out in 2020, even the OST songs, dddd.
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  13. Yes, Miss Back is great, but episodes with English subtitles have stopped at episode 6. Are we ever going to see the remainder of the series subtitled?
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  14. aux


  15. Did we just manifest this? We just manifested this.
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Slaying the charts after slaying Miss Rona? I know that's right.
  17. The way she just posted this after pages of discussing her. PJ Power. I’m SO hyped for this.
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  18. I know 90% of you didn’t like them...but I’m in my feels about GOT7. They looked so happy to be free but man...yeah I guess that’s all I want to say.
  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Maybe you don't know us after all because a lot of us like them here ffffffffff
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