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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.


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  2. I think I was mostly a casual GOT7 fan, but Look and You Calling My Name still get regular play in my house...
    JYP never gave them what they deserved...
    I wish them nothing but immense happiness...
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  3. GOT7 were one of the few boy groups I actually kinda liked


    Still one of the very best boy group songs of 2020. A mess it isn't in the KSOTY rate.
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  4. Not Chungha dropping another pre-release single... I guess you could say she's aimed at the global market considering she can't seem to get her first full album out like most of the forum faves. I jest.

    As for GOT7... they were basically one of my gateway drugs to becoming a full on K-Pop stan so they will be sorely missed, especially as a presence on TV shows. None of the new groups have an ounce of the variety talent they have. I'm thankful I got to see them live once.

  5. At least with Chungha, you know she can get by releasing singles because every single main release has been successful.

    Sure it’ll be nice to get an album, but if she makes way more coin releasing every song as a single before hand she would be silly not too.
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  6. It's not new though, since it was planned for release back in December.
  7. I love Chungha immensely but I would like MNH to remember that BVNDIT exists...
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  8. GOT7 did well! Shame that lately they didn't receive proper support from JYP but all members seem to have solo paths ready for them. Hoping they will pull Shinhwa in future and have successful comebacks as group.

    BamBam may join Sunmi's agency which would be interesting!
  9. My Got7 holy trinity is Lullaby - Not by the Moon - You Calling My Name.

    All 10/10 songs.
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  10. Oh the renewal negotiations got messy:

    No wonder they all left if JYPE.
  11. I've read at another place that JYPE would only consider certain members to sign solo deals. If any of this is true they can go fuck themselves.

    I posted this in the group thread but it's sort of fitting since we aghase are in mourning. Bear with us please.

    One of their several underrated gems.
  12. MESS.
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  13. Okay...75% I was just basing it off of what I had seen and the conversations I’ve had about GOT7 with folks. I was just trying to convey my sadness, but yes you are probably right, I guess I don’t know you guys. My mistake, wasn’t trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers.
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  14. bit sad that i didn't get to enjoy GOT7 rise up as a group, they seem like they have such good chemistry as friends
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  15. I think what’s nice is that they’re leaving with a bright future for each of them, a big factor being they’re leaving quite young. If he plays his cards right, Bambam can star in a BL be the King of Thailand Pop.

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  16. We are also getting their unfiltered SNS, so I'm anticipating some tea and shade.
  17. leaving JYP is a great look

  18. Being under different management after doing solo work and then reforming as a group again will be a logistic nightmare. However the chaotic bunch that is GOT7 would be able to do it.
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  19. Wouldn’t that scenario be more feasible if they somehow exclude music work in the management contracts they’re signing now? I imagine Jackson has the most acumen in these things. I wonder how much power JYP has over their catalog.
  20. I wonder if it would be feasible for GOT7 to go the route of BEAST/Highlight - forming their own agency and needing a new name, as I'm sure JYP will not let them use the GOT7 name. But if they all have different aspirations, it makes way more sense to just all separate. I think it could be difficult for them ALL to carve out non-exclusive deals that would allow them to release group music outside of their solo endeavors...but I guess we'll see!

    Unfortunately, I think it's just kind of ran its course for now ... the latest release felt a bit uninspired, honestly.
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