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I was reading about this group a few days ago...
Will having the same name as a hotly anticipated (by me) reality TV show accidentally help boost their profile???
I guess we’ll see...
Also the song isn’t bad...
I said this in the underrated boys thread but I don't think it's gonna be great for their SEO when googling "kingdom kpop" has them buried on the millionth page ddd

I don't hate the TRI.BE song, it reminds me a lot of...well, pretty much all the recent k-pop girlgroups who have tackled this kind of noisey soundscape. So, you know... I don't mind it.

I'm a little surprised at the amount of different set-ups, CGIs and other computer graphics antics there seems to be for what is essentially a debut song of a girlgroup from (what I figured is) an unknown company. But I mean, werk!!


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BigHit trying to compensate for not debuting another group for years after BTS by debuting as many groups as possible in the period of four years so they can guarantee none of them will ever be successful to the point of compensating for BTS’ inevitable hiatus. Genius.

This is literally the best song ever made in the whole galaxy and nobody can tell me otherwise ffff I'm not even kidding like these girls had to change the choreo for TV live performances for this masterpiece because it was too powerful!!!!!!??? Legendary would be an understatement yup..... you're big baby Baby.......they really said people with diaper fetishism this one's for y'all.....