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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Just a thought
    • IZ*ONE about to diz*band
    • Lovelyz probably calling it quits once their contract ends later this year
    • WJSN being in a sort of limbo
    The holy trinity of magical / fairy K-Pop groups is in danger. Please someone tell me there's going to be some new blood to carry the torch?

  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Mijoo solo era is upon us then. Or she'll just be a variety show veteran. Either way it's a good gig.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    This was a fantastic interview, and just as I suspected, it's because of her years in Dallas that there's Spanish influences on the album. This album just keeps growing and evolving for me with each listen, and even the songs I had kind of written off (like PLAY) are growing on me.

  4. But the members were posting photos in the practice room just recently?? Bona accidentaly said they were on the studio which basically confirms they're preparing something. And earlier an article said they're gonna try a darker concept or something. I think a teaser may be coming soon. So no worries. unless Starship decides to scrap everything fffff
  5. I’ve read some majorly good interviews and reviews in the last few days. The acclaim! God I love this woman so much. This was a great read.
  6. I wouldn't say they're in limbo. I think the ressources just went into conceptualising, preparing and rehearsing WJSN Chocome, and allowing the few actresses of the group to...well, act ddd.

    With my own experience of how Orbits discuss sub-units, I feel like generally speaking people imagine that sub-units are somesort of extremely low effort/low budget side-releases that can be worked super easily into the schedule independently from the main group's releases. So it's always like "Imagine 3 releases from the group, 2 months of promo for each, and then each sub-unit release a mini in between each of those too. If they release X and Y time, it's mathematically possible!1!!". (It's rarely the case unless you're, like, SM Entertainment and have a very obvious bias towards one of your particular group oop x.) But point is ; WJSN Chocome is basically a second WJSN release in the year of 2020, so they're still "within schedule" in that sense. I'm sure they will put out two releases this year too.

    Now that being said, I'm not expecting the Chinese line to ever come back dddd.
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  7. Everyone begging for a WJSN or WJSN Chocome comeback, don't fall for it unnies it's what their label wants you to do, they're tryna make you forget about the WJSN X Weki Meki subunit experiment... it's been three years since their debut....

  8. Big "LOONA teasers on the 32nd of February!!!" energy

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  10. That was incredible. They all killed it, even Yoojung.
  11. I’m more upset about the death of the group that you can literally witness in that gif

    Their posthumous releases have been great though.
  12. To the OH MY GIRL fans out there, if they can hear us

  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  14. [​IMG]

    Quick! Stream High Heels!
  15. He


    Please yes, have a viral hit!
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The whole video is a chaotic mess akskfhdhsjwisidbdoaisjs

    We love the Nation's Girl Group!
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  17. Jessi literally never stops working does she
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  18. @Cute Unnies
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