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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Speaking of SK's Hyunjin...

    The bullying scandal movement is still going strong at the moment, despite the fact that Naver's trend search has been taken down.

    Some cases have been dropped since they were confirmed fake (LOONA's Chuu, Hyuna, but also The Boys' Sungwoo I believe), others have came up but don't seem to have much grounds (ITZY's Lia, for example), however there's, like, 4 particular cases that seem to grow stronger by the day with new evidence and victims coming out.

    Those are : Stray Kids' Hyunjin, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, (G)I-DLE's Soojin and EVERGLOW's Aisha.

    As always, I invite everyone to keep an open mind and to believe the victims here, but also in light of the recent events (people fabricating lies on Hyuna, Chuu, etc), to not condone these idols immediately until we know more. However, I do think it's important to mention (again) that these cases have grown stronger each day, with accusers doubling down (even when faced with legal threats), bringing new evidence and testimonies - unlike the aforementioned cases who have been debunked or left alone almost immediately after they appeared.

    From the main stuff I could read:
    • It seems Mingyu bullied people in school, mainly disabled students, and sexually harassed girls. Pledis denied all the bullying claims when the first news of "school violence" broke out (Feb 22), but victims have been coming out since then with all types of accusations. I believe at the moment Pledis just released some sort of defense using his past school reports who don't mention any school violence, but that doesn't seem to have much weight in itself.
    • Hyunjin, during his middle school years (13-16yo), when he wasn't in an all-boys highschool yet, has been accused of sexual harassment towards girls. Supposedly he was part of a "bigger clique" and it seems that the people coming out to defend him were part of said clique, which seems to take some credibility away. It doesn't help that Hyunjin previously had another bullying scandal in 2018. Knetz are currently asking JYP to remove him from Stray Kidz. He's also been missing his current schedules (such as his MC job) due to this. Just recently, he supposedly met with JYP and the first accuser. Some posts (with the original claims) have been taken down since then. It could be possible that they patched things behind the scenes, but I believe some other accusers (that came later) are still holding out strong? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • I can't believe I'm about to post this, but somebody made a Google Doc file for all of the Soojin's accusations timeline dddd. I think it encompasses everything pretty well, so I'll just let that speak for itself.

    • Aisha's case isn't really documented supposedly because EVERGLOW are flops in Korea, but it's a pretty straightforward case of bullying/school violence because a female student dated Aisha's ex. Yuehua denied all the claims, and threatened to take legal actions, but it looks like the accuser isn't backing down, and classmates are coming out to say they would help and testify if the victim was sued? Something like that? I could see this one being swept under the rug even if it's true because it's already making ZERO noise...
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  2. Honestly? Queen.
  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Update on Hyunjin of Stray Kids
  4. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'll correct some things on the Hyunjin front because I've been at this for............. days. So. I read every post that could be read.

    He met up with 3 or 4 people, both original accuser and the other ones. Also I'll just correct you in the sexual harassment thing because it was mentioned in one of the posts as something vague his group of friends did, and the general stuff were more in line of normal asshole teenager stuff. Some things were even ddddd a bit ridiculous like a fight because someone yelled at him to close the door and he said he was not the person's servant, something in those lines. It's also not Knetz overall who want him to be removed. The post pannchoa posted did not have that much traction before they posted it (it wasn't even in the top 100, I saw the post when it had 160 upvotes and 70 downvotes), and only got some because k-antis on twitter got a hold of it through the pannchoa tweet. Instead, there were more posts about wanting a statement and one requesting he takes a break from Stray Kids, with the overall sentiment being more in the lines of people wanting explanations and/or temporary withdrawal.

    Two original posts got deleted, two are still up and those are the ones confirming JYP reached out to them/they went to the company. I don't know if they updated on that front, and I'm not going to go checking because I'll take JYP's statement that they've met at face value. The statement basically says they can't confirm anything 100% because the accusers, Hyunjin, the teachers and bystanders have different recollections of all the events, but there's obviously some truth to it because he apologized personally to the ones who went to the company. And again in the letter, saying he would like to apologize to people he might've hurt that he didn't get to meet.

    That's all, I think. I'll update y'all if there's anything but I think JYP was decently thorough to make sure this subject ends here as much as possible.

    From what I'm checking from all the cases though, since I've been a bit on obsessive mode, Hyunjin's case is far from being the one people in SK care about the most. For sure Soojin's is the most popular at the moment, especially when her statement got disputed.
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  5. Thanks! I've been trying to keep up by.....reading a reddit Megathread ddddd, but a lot of things are not being updated or translated adequately, so it's a bit of a mess.

    I wonder if the JYP and Hyunjin's relationship has soured a little. It has happened twice to Hyunjin now, and it seems they're kicking themselves a little for not making a better background check.

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  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The r/kpop megathread? ddddd It's not updated at all. I'm following Hyunjin's case and, like I said, read every post in the book, and as far as I'm aware those are all the big updates as of now. I'm sure now the knetizens are cursing at him and whatnot but it's... what always happens when an idol gets involved in something like this. Happened to Irene, happened to Taeyong. Regardless of the statement they are going to hate him forever and he'll just have to make his peace with it.

    Yeah, I interpreted it as a dismissal of Hyunjin at first but then saw some people explaining how it's more about how JYP has this image of having the idols with the best character and no scandals ever in their lives and whatnot, so they are going to be more careful in the future. Not dismissive of him, just trying to reinforce that image thing that JYP has. Definitely do think Hyunjin has a boot on his neck at the moment though dddddd I don't think last year's scandal was As big of a deal in South Korea (which... fucked up that shit from 8 years ago matters more to them than his racist shtick but), but with this and Han's scandal earlier this month, SKZ is in for some tight leashes, for sure.
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  7. In other news, Brave Girls are having a mini-viral moment for a compilation video of their military performances of Rollin'. The video (posted 3 days ago) already has more views than most of their actual music videos (although those views got dinged when they moved channels so I'm not sure what the true comparison is).

    Either way,

  8. aux


  9. The Wonho title track is quite good, isn't it?


    Is there a terribly boring and ghastly ballad in the mini that a boygroup stan would include in the KSOTY21 rate rather than 'Lose'? Just so I can brace myself for the worst!
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Heartbreaking new single from CL

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  11. Wonho’s single slaps. Let’s see what she’s serving on the EP.
    Did this hag just come for Losing You?
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  12. I’m open to listening about this and I’ll say that bullying in High School is never okay, and an idol apologizing can do so much for any teenager suffering from bullying, as well as bullies to re-evaluate their behaviour. However, isn’t calling for him to be taken out of Stray Kids a bit extreme? Or was that before he apologized, and people are willing to give him another chance now?
  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Some people are definitely still doing it but they are a loud minority, to be honest. There’s a general idea that knetizens’ feelings reflect what most people think but that’s not actually true.

    I obviously agree with you, and in lieu of an update, one of the teachers JYP reached out to released an article on Osen talking about this. They said that even though they can’t recall things perfectly, that Hyunjin’s class was a class where everybody was kinda tense with each other. Didn’t deny that he did hurt someone with words, but denied any possibility of physical violence and, most importantly, pointed out that it’s unfair that when everybody in class was involved, that Hyunjin is the only one who has to suffer the repercussions.
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  14. Sorry I know we're talking about serious things right now but...

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  15. Unfortunately idols have been kicked out of their groups/companies for far less before (even if untrue) so it's not outside of the realm of possibility however unjust it may seem. I'd say JYP's stance appears to be more of the damage control route, taking responsibility and apologising regardless of the extent to Hyunjin's involvement but the wording implies he will remain with the group. The irony of netizens expressing their outrage against bullying accusations by dogpiling on idols (before clarification on the matter) and demanding someone's career and future is doomed.
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  16. He fucking delivered!!
    That vídeo is honestly terrific, and I love the song. What a package.
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  17. Even if they kicked Hyunjin out, another company would pick him up and give him a solo career. Wonho is doing fine.

    Either way, I doubt anything will happen. The game has changed now, and bigger companies like JYP can keep making money from the international market who care a lot less about these scandals.
  18. OH. I'm glad I was bored at work and clicked play on this video. BOP!
  19. Wonho was cleared of all charges, though, and his scandal didn't involve bullying.
    I'm afraid Hyunjin's situation isn't as clear-cut.
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  20. A BOP! And that video. Let me compose myself.

    Going to give the mini a listen now.
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