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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Happy 30th Birthday to my Queen CL! I'm so sad and sorry for her that her mum passed away just before she turned 30. I can't imagine celebrating my 30th without my mum being here. Beautiful song, and its really nice to here CL sing a song without any rapping. I love CL rapping obviously, that's CL's style, but she has a nice singing voice too so its nice to have songs with just her singing voice.
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  2. Key’s outfit is killing me! What a king!
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  3. I was thinking of Wonho’s stint in juvie more than anything, which was revealed not long before he was kicked out.
  4. I don't want to sound like a heartless idiot or to downplay victims' stories but whenever I read more into these bullying stories my eyes do a 360 in their sockets. Smoking, drinking and dressing like someone wants is not bullying, hun. If anything it just sounds like a frustrated girl or an incel boy god mad at the idol for... doing whatever they wanted to without harming anyone and felt the right to get hurt. I mean,
    This is downright disrespectful to Soojin. That's not bullying, that's fucking gossip! The Hyunjin story as @eccentricsimply stated has such stupid accusations that it's too hard to take it seriously. The Soojin Google doc file has seven pages and literally nothing in it has been confirmed, they're all wildly different types of accusations coming from people who didn't know eachother, and the last 2 pages are just showing how unfounded most of the accusations are...

    We live in accord to always believing the victim, but when the victims have these arguments against their 'abuser' I think it gets clear how much this system has been twisted to the idols' detriment. And I'm not even touching on the innumerous cases that have been proved false, even with lots of accusations. Stans in general are a curse but I feel that knetizens have a special knack for directly affecting idols' lifes and careers in negative ways. It's like their job, their kink.

    It's also weird to me how culturally accepted it is to hold someone accountable for their actions as kids/teenagers. I've had plenty of bullies throughout my entire school life but nowadays with 25 I just think it's stupid to go after those people for what they said/did to me literally 10 years ago. I know these idols are young and some of the victims even younger, but that to me only shows how much these people have no idea how to deal with their traumas in a healthy way ddd.
  5. I'm sorry, but for me the bullshit starts right here.

    "Believing the victim" shouldn't mean "yes I will believe whatever you say about this other person even if there's no proof". Yes, don't dismiss them or ridicule them, give them the platform to share their version of the story, and of course investigate things immediately and take proper action if more damning things come out, but what the hell happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

    I had to log off from Twitter yesterday because of the frankly braindead takes I was seeing about the Mingyu situation, and I don't even care about Seventeen. It's wild to me that something as reasonable as "maybe hold off judgment until there's more information, we don't know the truth" has become some sort of evil, regressive take, and tweets screaming "OMG DON'T TRY TO DEFEND HIM" are the accepted modus operandi.
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'm actually getting fucking emotional

    Praying they debut on Melon top 100 in the next days.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member


    My fave is enlisting......

  8. Thankfully I don’t go on kpop twitter anymore but this seems like the opposite to what people did every time Taeyong was in the news for things he’d done in the past. Stans will go out of their way to debunk evidence even after their fave has admitted to and apologised for it.

    More disturbingly, Big Bang/YG stans still keep trying to imply that Seungri and Burning Sun have a squeaky clean history.

    Also, there’s a weird double standard about these sorts of scandals. Speaking about international fans only - sometimes it seems like there’s greater consequences for idols if their stylist doesn’t understand cultural appropriation as opposed to if the idol bullied* or harassed kids at school or in the workplace (Irene is also doing fine).

    *I agree that some claims are ridiculous, but most others should still be taken seriously.
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  9. Brave entertainment found scrabbling for the dungeon keys so that they can record literally anything to capitalise on the momentum.
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  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Key making fun of ending fairies

    I miiiiiiiisssssssseeeeeeeeed him, kpawp was Not the same without him!!!!!!
  11. I almost made a gif out of the first one yesterday because I was cracking up so much over it.
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  12. Girl I'm still thinking about this...it got me thinking about my faves ffff so:

    April: doing OK
    Apink: one comeback a year that becomes more uncertain as time goes by
    GFRIEND: nazi
    Lovelyz: nearing their 7th year hehe...ehe heh.....
    Red Velvet: see Lovelyz
    DIA: audience_laugh.mp3
    gugudan: RIP
    fromis_9: one entire year in the void before coming back last year, who knows when the next one is gonna be (and if it's gonna even happen)
    ELRIS, Rocket Punch: nugu
    IZ*ONE: near fulfilment of their contractual obligations

    I'm so lucky!

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  13. I think what society and this forum needs the most right now is a STAYC comeback.
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  14. Hey fellow WayV fans...
    Just popping in to let you know that apparently Xiaojun is a little bit of a misogynist...
    That or his humor doesn’t translate to English well...
  15. Add a LOONA comeback to the mix... the power that that has

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  16. Oh Key hahaha.
    Jinyoung is the King of Ending Fairies. The poise, the eleganza.

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  17. Took a couple days but I finally listened to Sunmi's "album" and I'm very pleased with both the new songs she gave us. Queen just keeps feeding me!

    ...that being said, I'm still a bit What the Flower at her for insisting on calling Tail an album (and with how cluttered the Sunmi section of my Apple Music is) so I ended up compiling all her recent singles (along with Hey You and Borderline) into a nice little 8 track album and I'm very happy with it.
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  18. G-reyish just released a song... while posting teasers for their ep, mess

  19. Captain Korea did it again. I love how sexy, slick and subtle it is. Lemme listen to LOSE and Tail back to back for orgasmic experience.

    Ma'am, this is gay liberation movement.
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  20. IT CLICKED WITH ME, for those wondering.... the melody reminds me strongly of WINNER'S Empty. (chorus 1:26)

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