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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I know I SHOULD be entirely focused on Wonho's comeback right now but I just gotta say to everyone in the subforum how much I adore ONF's new single. It being a male idol song that includes "I'm beautiful" as its topline is so damn important.
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  2. I know we were making jokes about Sana’s voice but she actually did cover the song in which she starred in the music video.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Right, speaking of these cretins......

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  5. Not shy

    Not me

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  6. This probably belongs in the underrated boys thread, but eh, I wanna make it a proclamation.

    I think I only listened to ONF's Beautiful Beautiful 5 or 6 times since Wednesday. Part of that was not wanting to wear the magic out too fast, but there was also a touch of denial: like I wasn't quite ready to process my #1 favourite group putting out their #1 best song. I've long maintained that Complete might always be their peak - and now suddenly there's this, which takes the same blueprint and applies 3 years' worth of growth and widening of scope. I'll always adore Complete... but Beautiful Beautiful just dwarfs it.

    Basically: I think this could wind up being my favourite Kpop song ever. And I dunno, that's just jarring to think about! This is something so central to my life, something that's consumed so much time and focus for years now, and - most importantly - the thing that most reliably brings me joy. It's wild to think I could be experiencing the defining moment of that for me.

    Anyway, all that to say I just caved and watched the video 4 times in a row. And, yeah, no notes - it's perfect. It doesn't miss a single dopamine-hit opportunity, which is probably the most important metric I can grade a composition by. It's total uplift in a song.

    I don't usually feel attached to idols in a meaningful way, either, but I can't lie: I'm pretty proud of these guys. I don't tend to watch chart/sales data (so feel free not to burst my bubble!), but this feels like a big moment for them, and it feels earned. I also wanna highlight @OspreyQueen's striking observation a few posts up - the use of "beautiful" had jumped out at me, but I hadn't considered just how impactful it is as a lyric.

    Anyway, thank you for indulging me this! I'm not sure I'll ever have quite this intense a reaction to a comeback, and I'm really grateful I can share it with you all. The warm reception I've seen around the forum has really helped make this special!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay I've finally had time to listen to some of the new releases. Keembo's album and the new tracks like REFLECTION (thanks @Wills) really blew my wig off, but holy fuck ONF......

    I LOVE this song. It literally just made my happy to be listening to it, and it's absolutely getting a high placing on my ballot for this month. I'm absolutely enamored with it, and can't stop listening to it. That chorus is just spectacular <3

    And I still haven't listened to SHINee yet, but the album just arrived at my house earlier today, so that's on the list for tomorrow. This month really has been amazing so far, and I've still got Wonho to look forward to as well!
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  8. The stuff of fantasies.
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  9. "ending fairies" now why the fuck is it called that.

    Okay but this slayed. Queen.
  10. LOSE looks pretty slick but the about 3 quarters in I realised his voice hadn’t really ‘gone’ anywhere. Like it was not building up to anything at all... you could argue that was totally fitting for the song but it made me a little worried about his limitations.

    That being said I have listened to the b sides yet, so I’ll find out soon enough
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  11. I can't give you that, but perhaps I can offer something better:

    "Apink will be releasing a fan song for their 10th debut anniversary on April 19. Apink is also planning various special events to celebrate their meaningful 10th anniversary with fans."
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  12. I realize I could post this in the General Korean Music & K-Indie thread but I feel like Neon Bunny deserves your attention. After a few years of one-off singles and long breaks inbetween, she just surprise-released a new album, her first in 5 years. Looks like it's mostly in the chill / atmospheric lane, but there seems to be some electronic laden stuff as well. I haven't heard everything yet, but in the latter group, "Twilight" kinda slaps.

    Some highlights from her past releases:

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  14. What a moment, back in 2017 and now.
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  15. Just goes to show.....

    I'm not sure what, actually.
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  16. ...that the public were fools to sleep on this song.
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  17. Yeah, that.
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  18. I went and listened to BeautifulX2 just because of this post and I’m obsessed...
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  19. On topic

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  20. I have to echo the sentiments of @OspreyQueen and @Wills that it feels oddly revolutionary (though it shouldn’t) for ONF’s single to be saying “I’m beautiful.” It doesn’t hurt that the song is incredible.

    @Crisp X thanks for the NEON BUNNY rec. I’m diving in now.

    Rain x Chung Ha is going to bring about world peace, isn’t it?
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