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K-Pop (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It doesn’t bother me when the military concept is clear, especially since we’re talking about a country that mandates service...
    But sometimes it’s hard not to get minstrel vibes...
  2. @boombazookajoe is correct. Why Don't We is good but Magnetic fucking cracks!! Jackson sounds fantastic on it!

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  3. aux



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  5. Here's a photo (well, actually two four)

    And a third fifth.
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  6. aux


  7. Rosé has two weeks to dominate until...*Jaws theme*

  8. Yesss mama. Do we have a tracklist yet? I hope Celebrity isn't orphaned.
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  9. To the surprise of absolutely no one:

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  10. This is not a drill! SNSD is coming

  11. Brave Girls have IU shaking enough to come back so soon. The power Lolling has over SK.
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  12. They were all together recently so I'm not surprised. Just a matter of how and when, really.
  13. Did I just create an Apple Music account so I can listen to the Rain mini? Yes, yes I did.

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  14. Love Foolish top 5 let's fucking GOOOO

  15. Island

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    The RAIN mini is great. Support Oppa!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 19.47.43.png

    As of right now, Rollin' is TOP 5 on Melon......


    I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!1!
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  17. I'd never heard Rollin' before now and

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    Do High Heels next!!

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  19. Slice of Life

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    Be careful what you wish for, bestie ♡
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  20. Forgive me sistren for I have sinned!

    Last night (G)I-DLE's Senorita came up randomly on my playlist and I couldn't help but feel myself as I bopped the night away.

    I know this is years too late but hot damn what a knockout track! Of course the I MADE mini is fantastic with the flawless flow of Senorita, Whats Your Name and Put It Straight.. I'm in a state of disbelief for missing out on this for years.

    PS. Does anyone know the producers who worked on this and where I can find more their work?
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