K-Pop (General Discussion)

Beautiful Beautiful debuted at #8 on Gaon!!! ONF's previous highest peak was #102 with Sukhumvit Swimming. That's incredible, continue streaming it whoreses!
Thanks to ONF superfan @Wills for bringing this to my attenshun <3
and thanks to @Slice of Life for bringing it to mine fff

If anyone needs me I’ll be E-Tion in this pic for the rest of the year:


I really enjoyed this thread and learnt a bunch. For example, I used to pronounce fromis_9 "froomeeze nine" in my head.

I wanted to dunk on the OP for being a bit... precious about Enhypen/BTS nn. But then I saw that CIX isn't pronounced "six" so I should probably keep my mouth shut!

Also, this from the comments re (G)I-DLE:
Don't get me wrong, it's a really clever word play but it's on so many levels in 2 languages that you can't expect people to follow:
  • Silent G (as in gnome)
  • But G is for girl which is actually 여자 (which is not G but J), neither of which are silent.
  • I is the English word but you can't write that in Korean so they have to write 아이 (A-EE) which likely has zero meaning for Koreans without an explanation.
  • "I" is for an individual which is fair enough but then "dle" is for 들, the plural suffix in Korean, which is pronounced slightly differently as the sound of ㅡ has no English equivalent.
  • I-dle is supposed to be a play on Idol but it consists of 2 languages.
  • And then to bring it back to the G: The whole thing means "multiple female individuals" to indicate that they should be viewed as 6 separate artists working together rather than simply one group as boy/girl groups are often viewed. But if the G is silent, then it's just "multiple individuals" which misses the point of female empowerment the name represents.
So, like I said, it's really clever and deep. But one step too far for new fans in either language when they don't even know how it's supposed to be pronounced
My mind immediately goes to "Enhyphen" so "Enhypen" doesn't come naturally and it takes effort to pronounce it as it's written.

Well, in Korean that’s kind of the point. Since they don’t really have a ph (f) sound, both ways would be pronounced the same! Their shortened logo is “EN-“ so it’s supposed to mean hyphen as well. I guess I’m making it sound more complex than it is fff