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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I mean there’s a whole ass pandemic going on so...
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  2. That's what they should focus on then, not the adult club part nn... That said, if it's an illegal club, well.
  3. From what I can tell, the illegal part is the venue still being open after 10pm under current restrictions, even if it was just a restaurant.
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  4. How do we make this Shindong's fault?

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  5. It’s honestly so hard not to Stan TXT??????

    love that they’re starting to become Shinee 2.0.
  6. Going to an adult bar is extremely not looked fondly upon in South Korea. Oh at all. At least publicly anyway. It is also illegal.

    It also contributes hugely to toxic masculinity and misogynistic patriarchal culture that is Han-nam (한남). There is a whole different discussion to be had regarding this, but sex workers in my country are not protected. Period. There is really no legal protection shielding them from harm and that’s why it’s also an issue. Lot of women who work there are financially and socially isolated and generally have no way of seeking an way out should they want to do so. Uknow yunho (sorry I genuinely don’t know how English speakers say his name omg), in his case, it’s even more damaging because he had built up his public image around being a ‘clean guy’ (no building under his name which turned out to be a lie nn, I want to build schools for poor kids! Etc.) only for him to turn out to be... another trash Korean man.

    And I know this is anecdotal but Korean women, the ones that I know (my family included) have expressed many times - they generally don’t feel safe in my country. The rate of sexual assaults against women has only been getting higher and hostility and hatred towards many groups of women from men (especially from online communities such as Illbae - 일베) get more extreme. And while it would be naive to assume this is directly the cause, incidents like this only reveals more about how... prevalent that whole aspect of my country still is. That’s why it’s not just about ‘grown men going to an adult bar’. Sex workers get absolutely no respect, protection, and tend to get abused by men such as these.

    There is a Korean online community that I frequent which has demographics of mostly Korean women in their late 20s to 40s and the lashings he’s been getting there right now has been massive. It’s gonna take a really good web of lies and marketing for him to find his way out of this one nn.
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  7. Thank you for explaining all this! It does make me see the situation a bit differently.
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  8. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Thank you for explaining further!!

    At first I was genuinely confused but then after I saw more explanation about what the place actually was I understood why it's such a big deal.

    From what I saw, SM is pushing the narrative that it was the first time he went there which ddddd
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  9. It’s all good! I hope I’m getting my messages through without them being too confusing and anecdotal.

    Culturally, sex workers or going to an adult bar in general, while being incredibly taboo, it is also very common for adult men to visit these places due to a business meeting (they call it a 회식 [Hwae-sic], and there is usually a 1차 [Ill-cha] which involves casual drinking and eating, then 2차 [Ee-cha] which might have things like karaoke and such, and then afterwards well... it usually depends on how many men there are and how drunk they are, but they tend to head to places like 룸쌀롱 [room-salone] which is a full blown sex bar in all but name) and so on. But it’s all very hush hush and the thing is lot of married men also frequent these places without disclosing it to their SO nn. And that’s a problem because well, anything other than traditional monogamous relationships is frowned upon there.

    This also creates a chain reaction of sex workers being disrespected by lot of women also. It’s a bit of hot issue and probably hard to understand from sexually liberated western view.
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  10. He


    @Doenjang, thank you so much for your insight!
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  11. Hmmmm I wonder if SM will ship him to the dungeon like they did to BoA after her ridiculously inoffensive pill "scandal".
  12. I really appreciate your insight @Doenjang! It’s very hard sometimes to consider and understand the cultural nuances when I, as a US hunnie, am so vocally for and advocate for the rights and protections of sex workers, and therefore I look at a scandal of “adult male found at adult club” to be, on initial view, a non-issue. (I still think of the BoA bringing sleeping pills on a plane from Japan to South Korea). But your posts have certainly helped to understand why this is making headlines and being discussed.
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  13. Honestly, the scandal with sex workers have been the cause of complete downfall of so many male Korean entertainers.

    Another member of OG TVXQ (I just learned this is how they are called in English), Micky Ucheon also became the laughingstock when it got revealed he was practicing his toilet fetish with sex workers and therefore earned him the title Beongi Uchoen which translates to Toilet Ucheon nn.

    I think it’s going to be a more common for these big groups to do a thorough background research of whoever they decide to recruit, and hopefully that’s for the better. With all the bully scandal going on right now with certain girl group members and all. They don’t give a shit about ethical side of it generally, but marketability wise that’s mostly the end of it, at least in Korea.

    But who knows. Men usually get to get away with it more easily. Just let them ferment for awhile in some penthouse in Seoul, make them disappear from public eyes for a year or two, and re-debut them by putting them up on one of those ‘my side of story’ tv show. It usually works. Just ask SE7EN!
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    I honestly have no words ddddddddd
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  15. If we wanna look at the bright side, if HE was the toilet then at least he wasn't making the girls... well, you get what I mean ff

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  16. [​IMG]
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  18. He


    What is happening in that drawing?!
  19. This page took a turn ddddddd
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