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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Ok but why is this gif so big I HATE IT HERE
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  2. Hot Sauce's pre-chorus >>>>>>>> Dun Dun Dance
    But OH MY GIRL still won. Now let's hear what the albums are serving.
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  3. Rocket Punch news:

    Paywall news:
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  4. RYVNG and Maynine mostly worked with Girl We Sold Nothing, so this should be interesting! Excited to hear what they came up with for Rocket Punch.
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  5. Is it me or is the editing in Dun Dun Dance's video weirdly off for the first half? I never like the pink grass trick, it never pops off as much as they think it would.
  6. The NCT Dream song has some good parts, but it hasn't clicked with me as a whole. At this point, I don't really get what is supposed to be the difference between the NCT units, they all kind of make the same songs.

    The Oh My Girl song is cute. I feel like the instrumental was a bit low (maybe it's just the video) and the rap parts weren't really my taste. But I can bop to it
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  7. I enjoyed the new Oh My Girl. It's cute and probably a grower. I also...enjoyed Hot Sauce more than I should?
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  8. He


    Oh My Girl serving summer aesthetics and charm. Hope it’s another hit for them!
  9. ¡Que picante! The title track is giving exactly what it says on the label, and some of you will not be able to take the heat and that's okay. Diggity, Dive Into You, Rocket, Countdown (3,2,1)... whew, there is not a bad song on this. They delivered levity and playfulness (which was sorely missed after their last two minis) without compromising their more mature image. Please do not let the taste of capsaicin deter you from sampling the rest of the album. I promise you there's a silky sweetness beneath that pungency, we can start with a palate cleanser:

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  11. Heize comeback:

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  12. This is the best song released today noaur it's trü
  13. Only thing I don’t love about Hot Sauce is the pitched up shout in the chorus. The rest of the song is a bop and the rest of the album is 10s across the board. Dive Into You? Mama the excellence!

    Dun Dun Dance is gay summer excellence.
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  14. I don't follow boy groups, but someone brought this to my attention earlier.

    This is not okay.
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  15. I saw Twitter stans cringing at this last night...
    Big yikes energy...
  16. Yikes! it always two steps forward two steps back in KPOP.

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  18. Bipolar doesn’t have to mean Bipolar Disorder, no? Not that I trust K-Pop on this, I could easily see that being the reference and it being a mess, but it could also just mean a generic duality concept.

    Oh wait, I just remembered the album title references Anxiety. Yeah that’s a bit incriminating.
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