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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Except the mini also being subtitled "Prelude of Anxiety", as well as other teaser pics showing a board having "symptom" written among more implicit words, all give an indication of what they're actually referring to... unless they're this dense and tone-deaf. I would love to be surprised by seeing them tackle mental illness in a considerate and respectful way instead of only using it as an aesthetic, but it's already hard to have any faith in K-Pop companies regarding such sensitive subjects. For a debut, this is quite the risky move, especially knowing there's a Part 2 on the horizon. Instead of looking forward to it like I would be for any other debuts, I'm just nervous to see how it's going to be handled.
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    The battle in Bugs and Genie ddddd But I'm glad they are both doing well!!!!! I really like Dun Dun Dance and I'm still deciding whether I like Hot Sauce or no....... Will get back to you later today
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  4. TXT comeback concept trailer:

    Come on icicles! Come on stunts! Come on platinum blonde Kai!
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  5. Meanwhile in China
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  7. @collxtion jinxed it.
  8. Dreamcatcher's impact.
  9. ugh they look so good get those imposters out of there we don’t need em!
  10. Dun Dun Dance, the WJSN teaser, the aespa group photo...excellence. My poor wig.
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  11. He


    The NCT track is whatever, their usual noise. But that Latinamerica slums backdrop and all the other clichés is just fucking tired.
  12. Why the hell did they get NCT Dream to deliver the chorus in their upper register??? fffffff it sounds like ass


    Everything else is a serve, but those chants are usually a highlight, so it's a missed opportunity for me.
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  13. I thought those were female backing vocalists...
  14. Ugh they're SO GOOD:
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  15. [​IMG]
    But the joke's on them cuz the poor gæls didn't even get new outfit renders... @SM give it up Deelishis.
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  16. Listening to Hot Sauce flow right into Diggitty is so anti-climatic and depressing. What happened?

    Should I finish listening to this album?
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  17. Yes. Dive Into You, My Youth and Rocket are a nice change of pace. I really like all three
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  18. So, Dun Dun Dance is a bop, but it’s easily the worst song on the album? These B-Sides are HEAVENLY. Dear You and My Doll — I hear god.
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  19. Loving this travel concept ! International girls ! They have money !!! (omg Loona's old concept...)

    Edit: Can I just say the teasers for all of these comebacks have been so aggressively top tier lately? It's like they all know they're coming back within the same month and its giving me heavy 'Choose Your Fighter' vibes, like!!!!
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