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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. He


    Now if only companies would put the teaser ideas into the MVs, please!

    Oh My Girl delivered with the video, it's gorgeous.
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  2. The mini is soooo good. The first three tracks are definitely the highlights, and maybe Swan too
  3. New aespa member just dropped!
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  4. Aw SM didn’t use Bryan Huynh for those ones. Sad!
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  5. I love how Bryan Huynh's Instagram profile pic is a Yakuza character based on a K-Pop idol. The layers

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  6. My man D.O about to show the other boys how it's done..... yeah....yeah....​
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  7. just wanna dun dun dance tbh
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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Potential collapse
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  9. Oh FUCK yes! First Wendy, now TAEYEON?! TAE Squared is going to annihilate me.
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  11. Preview of Kura Kura’s bside which should be dropping midnight KST.

    She slaps.

  12. They're wrong for exposing my Weeekly girls just to make a point!11!!

    (They're actually good sellers for a rookie girlgroup x)
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  13. Weeekly:

    Also, not a single "fan" had any problem with what he said fff
    The fact that THIS is what qualifies as a controversy for TXT... I have to laugh.
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  14. We're getting fed !!!!
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  15. I bring more images of Takahashi Juri.
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  16. I'm not familiar with them yet but I hear something

  17. hm wait... this slaps.
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  18. ONEUS are probably the best boy group at the moment, everything I’ve heard has been great.
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  19. I don't get the controversy. What's wrong about being happy when you earn money and people support you?
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  20. I'm guessing the controversy comes from the fact that there is already a parasocial relationship between what is a mostly teenage fanbase feeling like they have to consume products in order to make their specific idols happy. So I guess it's not that well viewed to actually state it and confirm it. I don't really have views on it anyways, but I kind of understand why the joke isn't necessarily in best taste

    Edit: Plus it's a HYBE group, it's not like they're in actual danger of disbanding
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