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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Definitely I thought it was fun. I liked the beat.
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  2. The song being even better than 'Unnatural'..... they won! Their little 'New Me' serve.
  3. Unnies... this is fantastic! They could've easily taken the easy path, no pun intended, by making the song build up to an explosive chorus with sky high pitched vocals, much like "Unnatural", but I love how understated the whole thing is. The funky groove is pretty much the backbone while their sultry and sensual vocals make the post-chorus pop off even more. Last but not least, I'm already obsessed with that pre-chorus as its darker melody took me to a place I didn't expect. Of course, Exy nailed the bridge rap and the girls all look snatched but we been knew.

    Damn, songs like these really make me muster "I love K-Pop" to myself ad infinitam. Can't wait to hear the B-Side.

  4. Well that rap section is definitely unnecessary.

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to check with the relevant authorities whether I am allowed to not like this song.
    I will reflect and return with a more mature image.
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  5. The B-Side is here:

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  6. Easy is so smooth, especially the prechorus into the chorus and Kiss Your Lips is equally brilliant. A win for humanity.
  7. Kiss your lips is the one for me!
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  8. NOT AN ANA MALHOA GIF IN THIS GODDAMN PLACE KDJAHFDJKSKFDHSKJ QUEEN OF PORTUGAL!!!!!! Stream Ampulheta, the inspiration for WJSN's Kiss Your Lips today!!!!!!

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  10. WJSN are the best girl group in k-pop right now, they're untouchable.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I thought they disbanded in February after Seoyul and Gowoon's contracts expired
    I never even got invested enough to learn all their names

    If the universe really wanted to punish me it would force me to listen to that Crazy Frog Loona song, or Apple again, like I had to listen to Blackpink's 'On The Ground' at the weekend.
    Or possibly even worse, StayC's 'ASAP'
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  13. Not the pic looking like a skinny legend edit ddd.
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  14. The rap is the only bit I like.
  15. Pleeease, nobody cares if anybody likes or dislikes a song. You’re entitled to your opinion nn. In the context of a rate though, it’s obvious people are gonna react to low scores? I don’t know what relevant authorities you’re talking about, but girl...

    Anyway, Kiss Your Lips slaps and Easy has already grown on me.
  16. That would be this one.
    Now leave me alone, I have an exam to fail.
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  17. Get ready unnies JAYB has arrived! Switch It Up out on the 14th

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  18. Unnatural was my first comeback with WJSN, but with everything I’ve seen of them, they are just so effortlessly cool. There is such a chic, breezy ease to their whole vibe. I love it. Easy is great.
  19. Easy is easily the best release in Kpop this month (so far)!
  20. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Same producers as Feel Good omfgggggg
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