K-Pop (General Discussion)

It being the Fast & Furious song except they added a random bridge that doesn't fit at all... SM hates them.
I have no idea how to feel about this, but I needed way more of what they were giving from 1:45 until 2:02.
Same, it sounds disjointed and the jarring bridge kinda killed the momentum built out of that chorus for me. They jumped right into their "I Got A Boy" era I guess.

"We Go" is that summer boppette that I knew fromis_9 were going to deliver, and will sit perfectly alongside "Feel Good". I love them.

But "Ring Ring" is the one for me today. I'll pretty much eat anything from that retro synthy 80s sound because that's how weak I am. Lemme turn it up again.


edit: If that wasn't clear enough, don't forget to stream Rocket Punch!!

What a day...I liked every big release, Rocket Punch ate without leaving any crumbs on the table — Suyun is incredible (I mean...look at that video thumbnail) and the combo of the prechorus + chorus on Ring Ring is so good, it has that Woolim print that I love and I'm excited for their mini! But it must be said...

...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FROMIS_9 ARTISTS OF THE MILLENIUM WE GO LITERALLY SOTY VIDEO OF THE YEAR WE GO WE GO!!!!!!!!FOLLOW ME NOoooooooOOOOOoOoOOooOooOOW!!!!! THE WAY ALL THESE GIRLS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND SERVING BEAUTY FACE FASHION AND TALENT........Airplane Mode is so gorgeous and if fromis_9 don't snatch a fucking music show win with this comeback then we're all gonna have to make a ritual sacrifice and PRAY for these girls!!!! That part in the music video where they're all dancing in a white platform with lush idyllic greenery all in white/denim this is not something they just fucking made this is some professional like this shit is in different areas what the fuck!!!!!