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Rocket Punch and fromis_9 both served excellence with their respective single albums.

The way that the WE GO video is touching that subject of daydreaming of traveling and going on an adventure while we're in isolation/staying at home, and how we use digital means to at least try and escape into another place...in the most FUN! (wink wink) and perfect way. I love these girls

Now wait a hot minute - I just heard Next Level and it's a BOP. That pulsating bass? That dry aggressive beat? They decided they are coming for the XCX YYY plink plonk girls. It's frustrating because it's not an original song, and the source they went to look for it is extremely questionable. But I'm bopping! And contrary to most, I really don't like that disjointed middle 8. It's giving me debut album Mamamoo, it's giving me Moonbyul live @ SM Café and I'm not here for it. As we got this song + that long-ass video about their lore, I can only wonder if this isn't just the beginning for a more convoluted phase for them. Maybe SM wants to release some more viral-attempt moments before heading onto a proper mini. All in all this is a lot better than Black Mamba, which falls in the same "produced with instruments provided by Fisher Price" category as Mafia (In The Morning) to me. This one has a soul, a pulse, color on the skin.

The only thing that I absolutely loathe about this release is that Mr. Lee Soo Man could have picked THIS from the same franchise soundtrack. A lost opportunity.

I'll be playing Airplane Mode, We Go, Ring Ring and Ride all day long.

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Rocket Punch knocked it out the fucking park with their single, video and album. They've really hit their stride and I think they could be huge if they continue up this trajectory.

Ring Ring is brilliant but Ride is an absolute serve. I kinda wish that was the single instead, but I guess it's good to continue their trend of having one (1) absolutely incredible song tucked away on their albums.

I'll get around to the other girls at some point but this is gonna be a tough act to follow.