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Rocket Punch ! It's cute, its the type of throwback track that wears the past eras as a costume though, as opposed to really diving into it, so that keeps it purely in the cute range for me ! Lovely music video, love bright disco lights against the dark so it was an easy sell for me. I don't know the girls like that but the one with the bob cut was giving me iconic.

Fromis 9 !! I'm gagged at the fact that their original teasers were giving me 'We travel! We're international! We're rich!' but the actual concept is all about selling that illusion. Between WE GO and FUN I feel like Fromis_9 are moving into this cheeky parody/commentary vibe with their packaging. Anyway the song is definitely Feel Good's more quaint and quiet daughter. This would come after Feel Good and before FUN, then Love Bomb on a Fromis 9 playlist. It's a nice little breather between their other hyperactive offerings.

Aespa !!! Okay so first off the concept bait and switch was RUDE. I didn't expect to get Barberella in my Aespa at all, especially not with the teasers we got. But I'm not mad at it. It makes me think there's a set of teaser photos that we're thrown away in favour of the Bryan Huynh collab, interested to see them.

As for the song I didn't expect it to be so slow tempo at all, at first I wasn't convinced but I think this is my first Weirdo Kpop song of the year. It gets really fun once the vocals actually kick off* (this is Winter and NingNing's era, absolutely) and the beat drop portion is DIVINE. The Aespa girl's really got their own I Got A Boy moment on their second comeback?? That's a little iconic to me. The whole packaging of the visuals, the sound, is so kitsch and I really love it. Mostly because I never expected these girls to go kitsch, not yet anyway.

*NingNing and Winter's part after the 'watch me while I work it out' portion is so so euphoric and feels like vocals for a 90s Tenchi-Muyo anime moment, I'm obsessed.

I love the song in parts, a little less on other portions, but I don't know if I can say that I wish the song was any different because the parts I like best work so well because of how they contrast with everything else.

(omgggg at this being a Fast and Furious cover that is so fucking strange!!!)
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Some of you are so weak tbh, NEXT LEVEL is amazing. It feels in line with current Kpop trends but still has its own uniqueness. It's fun and different. I don't see why it being from that movie is a big deal, Kpop acts do remakes of European/American songs all the time and like ... I haven't seen any of those movies anyway so I don't care, it's new to me. The attitude is boss, the beat slaps and I love the change-up in the middle. The MV is sleek too, and the girls all look stunning in it.

Anyway sorry y'all can't have any fun, I'll be over here enjoying my good and cool music.
The Next Level MV budget is suggesting a SuperM/NCT 3-videos-an-era situation to me, SM is not putting all their cards on the table just yet. It's definitely interesting that 3 digital singles in and they still haven't a physical product out.


fromis_9 consistently have the best vocal harmonies outside of SM, it's true, it's true. It means they can do largely the same thing as any other group, but with drastically elevated results; it worked for Love Bomb, it worked for Feel Good, and by Jove, does it ever work for WE GO. Factor in Airplane Mode and... a gag, a goop, a serve, a slay.



I think this is my favourite take on the Weekndprint, simply because they throw absolutely everything into that chorus ahead of the MIDI jingle. A few too many imitators think the key riff alone will get them across the line - let this serve as a lesson to them all!!! I think I like it better than even Platonic Love oop. Factor in Ride and... a gag, a goop, a serve, a slay.
screaming at all the lore specific terms in Next Level. They really going for it.

(Watching Aespa’s short film... Giselle speaking French. Winter with a gun. Lee Soo Man is insane. Can Black Mamba be SM’s second 4th gen girl group pls)
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