K-Pop (General Discussion)


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What kinda high art expensive trash was Next Level.

I pulled up the Next Level video this morning. @eccentricsimply, your power. I love it!
I'm glad I don't have to bully you into liking it!!!!!!!!
I don't like the Æspa and the Furious, but I also don't hate it, which is better than a few recent comebacks, so yay I guess?

I think my favourite of the songs is the one that starts about 2 minutes in with NingNing's
jeolttaero dwireul doraboji mara / 절대로 뒤를 돌아보지 말아 / Never look back

But I still believe that the best kpop 'remake' / 'heavily influenced by' songs are those based on old Punjabi folk songs.