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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 10pm on a Saturday night thinking about how GFriend is actually over. Like guys! This is real! Wtf!
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  2. No but this video is exactly the Next Levul experience, down to the lyrics being [?]
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  3. The way Winter says “I’m on da next levvuhl”

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  4. Ah these guys just have the range! Love the choreo…Love the new “live” vocals with less vocal processing. I can hear how each member sounds like distinctively. I hope they truly crossover this year. They are…
  5. aux


  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  9. The magic performance is really slick, love the camera work and choreography ! It does sound better with the processing (relatively) turned down, but it's still pretty cranked up. Videos like this remind me that S.Korea is virtually carrying the entire international boyband experience on their backs, that's so wild.

    They did him dirty with this shot...
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  10. it blows my mind how anyone can be this dumb

    …unless her sister hates her bdndbdbd
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  11. lmao do people really write in diaries like this in such a specific way? It's like she was hoping some Main Character would one day stumble upon it and read out loud, triggering a flashback or whatever.
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  12. OK they all look incredible, especially miss Kahi Korea...she is glowing!!! What the hell did she put in her beauty protein and where can I order some?

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  13. It’s so sad to see what DSP has become…
    I’ll be spending my evening pretending LALALILALA was April’s swan song…
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  14. He’s rightfully a prop to the proper model Winnie but he has some better shots in the magazine.

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  15. everyone be quiet!!! I am manifesting.
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  16. She’s saying summer, but we’ll probably get it in October. Perched!
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  17. Last night I listened to Dear OHMYGIRL for the first time and I'm firstly ashamed for taking so long to listen to it, and secondly bald, on the floor, wet all over. The R&B influences are stronger here than on your usual girlgroup release, it's giving me Perfect Velvet in some bits. The melodies are bulletproof, bubblegum pop and these vocals are... revolutionary, to say the least. A whole girlgroup mini with no vocal straining is not something you come across every day. I know I only talk about them but does anyone else hear a hint of Goldfrapp on My Doll? That folky guitar + electronic bass combo is serving what every western quirky pop girl wishes to accomplish. Congratulations to O Mia Ragazza for an amazing, showstopping, talented follow-up to their last full album, which was already marvelous.


    Still not a big fan of the title track though
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