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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I read on Twitter (so obviously credible and verifiable) that he called Korea gay on MySpace…
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  2. oh wait I heard this one! Yeah that seems like it might do it.

    in other news:

    this is very William Shatner performs Rocketman, to me.

    And also cute/hot. I find them so charming and dumb :’(.
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  3. We don't need summer female rivalry around these parts. You can be sure I'll be enjoying my Brazilian winter while listening to both their EPs on shuffle and no hair to be found on my head

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  4. CL is now an actress
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  5. True! Even though I don’t get Aespa, all girl groups need to be stanned. How quickly I forgot about EXO once TWICE’s Tase of Love came out.
  6. JSFHKJHFJS what the hell


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  7. Hi, friends.

    I've been going through a lot of stuff lately and haven't had the time or bandwidth to check in to KPJ much lately, unfortunately. It's been a crazy time and I miss you all. But, on a positive note, at least...



    (Thank God it's Summer. Thank you for Brave Girls, too.)
  8. lowkey been waiting on you to announce your new stance on Aespa. Come join us in KWANGYA, bestie!
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  9. With Brave Girls Chi Mat Ba Ram (English ver) I can’t unhear this after mistaking the lyrics..“Blue wind is breezing and touchin’ my tits (hey)…”



  10. ACE said YES to KINK at PRIDE!
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Korea’s new National Girl Group yup
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  12. Need those PAKs come on FEARLESS
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Woke up to ENHYPEN getting cancelled on Twitter………..

    As our resident HYBE correspondent, @Glitterizer unnie, please give us a report on what the hell happened. I saw some fatshaming accusations and I yeeted myself out because it’s kind of triggering fffffffff
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  14. Yes, it has to do with fat-shaming, but the short rundown from me is: things are probably getting blown out of proportion + Sunoo solo stans being solo stans.

    The potentially triggering full version:
    People are upset because supposedly Sunoo is being bullied and fatshamed by the other members because they make comments like "you've gained weight recently", teasing him about eating desserts (all said while everyone is joking around and being chaotic, not in a serious tone), or don't compliment him enough, etc. There was an "evidence compilation" thread with clips from lives and interviews but it all seems veeery cherry picked to make things look worse. I didn't watch I-Land but I watched a lot of their reality show and behind the scenes stuff, and I never got the vibe of him being excluded at all, much to the contrary. Also, most of it seems to be teasing from Ni-Ki, but at the same time the two are very close, sleep in the same bed every night together and constantly show a lot of affection towards each other since they're both the youngest. There's also plenty of moments where the other members compliments Sunoo's looks, how he's their visual, etc.

    There has been debate about the accuracy of the translations, some K-Engenes claimed that the words used were not pejorative ones, etc. I know that casual comments about other people's weight is very normalized in some Asian cultures, so it's hard to gauge what's acceptable/rude to them or not, compared to the western perspective. If Sunoo does indeed feel hurt about the comments, then I'm sure the other members will apologize and stop it, but >to me< it seems to be getting blown out of proportion.

    The thing is, Sunoo has a ridiculous amount of solo stans who are constantly trying to get the group dissolved or him leaving, etc, and they're most likely behind starting this. He's basically their Jimin in that regard.
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  15. So in other words, it’s like 8% a potentially valid story and 92% twitter children being bored and getting riled up for no reason. Checks out.
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  16. I’ll always have issues with KPOP acts brandish and glorifying guns. He also slams the car into his love interest while singing ”this is all your fault…”
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    dddddddd that was absolutely Not the reason Jay Park was kicked out of 2PM. While he did do that and it did cause him to go on hiatus, both JYP and 2PM stood by him because of that scandal, and he only ended up being kicked out of the groups months later for undisclosed reasons and it remains one of the biggest kpop mysteries to this day. But rumor mill talks about everything from weed to pregnancy.

    Not gonna lie, any part of me that could potentially frown at Niki for joking about Sunoo's weight was blown away by the wind when I saw people telling an actual 15 yo to kill himself and also bringing up his father.
  18. Ranking of anti-patriotic scandals from pop stars:

    1. Ariana saying she hates America and its people
    2. Jay Park calling Korea gay
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  19. Wait they are actually like … actual children.

    Leave it up to Twitter to be like “Fatshaming is wrong! Kill yourself you problematic piece of shit.” Like — the literal brain worms involved in that.
  20. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The boys of Epipen are all like... younger than 19, I'm pretty sure. Niki is 15. They are children and (some parts) of stan twitter are insisting on needing to add Epipen to "your fave is problematic" lists because of it.
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