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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. That chorus is pretty great! Love that Dreamcatcher donated their old shit to them and Pink Fantasy did the best they could with it. They kinda snapped.
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    They fucking did it OMFGGGGGGG
  3. I can't believe they went from filming on a cracked screen iPhone 4 (that one of the girls owned themselves) with a budget of $35.99 for props and outfits for Lemon Candy to this..! actual sets! Outfits! Space to actually move around in for choreo! The glow up... Whew.
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  5. Not aespa smashing. It’s really over for my girls.
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  8. Congrats to aespa on hitting #1! Now do it with a good song next time!
  9. They must be knackered.
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  10. Ddd who cursed this Seventeen comeback? First the delayed promo, now it seems like there was a manufacturing mistake and some Carats are pulling Taemin photocards and Atlantis stickers from their albums.

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    Kweens of Critical Acclaim!
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  12. The "bye bye" killed me.

    I bet. The amount of promo they are doing for "Alcohol-free", internationally, too, is astounding.
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  14. So... MyDoll uploaded PinkFantasy's latest EP under the name PINK FANTASY on Apple Music, which means the group now has three artist pages. Global domination. Divide and conquer.
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  15. mm this is good

    but will it survive the @Luck litmus test?
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  16. Brave Girls got their first music show win for Chi Mat Ba Ram

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  17. I love seeing these queens still putting out great music after all these years and getting all these accolades. More of this please!!
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  18. I'm happy they're winning but the chorus is a chore to get through, there's so much shouting... I get a headache from how busy it sounds. At least Korea is enjoying it. They do deserve it all, but Chi Ri Ba Ram is not the one for me.
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