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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. The new ARIAZ… video is out.

    I love this unpretentious normcore lo-fi concept.
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Something for you sis @eliminathan!

    I hope this isn't some Youtube exclusive shit again please.
  3. I do not like the LOONA comeback as well. There are songs that are good but it feels mostly faceless which is something i associate with LOONA more than i would like to, at this point. The Red Velvet moments (and the ballad which is gorgeous) do stand out but i am still underwhelmed by the whole package.

    Dance On My Own is diabolical. It is an Anne Marie song, enough said.
  4. I'm just curious, when people say LOONA have a signature sound, which one comes to mind? I always thought versatility and openness to experiment was their strength, as they've done everything from go-go to baroque pop & Bjork. For me no solo/subunit song sounded the same so I find it hard to nail down a singular sound I'd call Loona's own.
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  5. I think they're referring to the floaty/spacey electro-pop on songs like Eclipse and Butterfly, but I agree, sonic diversity has been their cornerstone from day 1. Delighted that they keep mixing it up.
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  6. Are they mixing it up though? Are they really?
  7. Are they really mixing it up when their last three title tracks were all girl crush? I mean, Why Not (of which I’m a fan) at least sounded like LOONA does girl crush, but So What and PTT are derivative as hell. PTT especially.
  8. New SHINee video finally out.

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  9. Their last 3 title tracks have all sounded quite different from each other to these ears, and I've been a huge fan of all 3. I don't even think I'm being a delusional stan here, I genuinely think they've knocked it out of the park consistently.

  10. I am gonna be even more controversial and say even b-sides are sounding a bit “been there, done that” but if they are to stagnate on one sound, i would rather have them stagnate on RnB, ballads and/or spacey pop. U R and A Different Night are beautiful but do they really tread new grounds? The same thing can be said for the songs in Midnight bar Voice.

    I think # was bit of a turning point for them sound wise. It is still my favorite mini post XX (And So What is my favorite of their itzy lite titles, fight me) but it was truly the start of a new and less exciting era for them.
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  11. Lee Sooman needs to embezzle funds from KWANGYA because these last few MVs have been giving nugu. Minho a man, however
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  12. Universe is the best song on the EP tho
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  13. He


    Midnight is their best release since XX.

    I bop to PTT and more than half of the mini, but maybe if they had an extra comeback a year to mix it up a bit, it would feel less like they’re pivoting to trends only.
  14. It’s definitely serving budget (that isn’t high!) but the boys still sell it so I can’t hate it too much. (But yes this is their worst video in 2021.)
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  15. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    And when they hit #99 on Melon 24Hits it’s over for y’all !!!!

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  16. aux


    I adore the new LOONA release. I love "PTT (Paint The Town)", it perfectly follows their new sound in an exciting way. "WOW" and "Be Honest" are giving me SM b-sides which is a very strong compliment on my part. "Dance On My Own" is... what it is, it's definitely my least favourite LOONA song in recent memory, but I'm sure I'll mindlessly bop to it eventually. "A Different Night" and "U R" are both deliciously fantastic ballads that I cannot wait to fawn over during winter.

    While, I'm here, I'll throw in my two cents. I totally understand where @codecat is coming from and I do agree. LOONA had an identity which really made them special and is no longer here, this is objectively true. However, I still deeply enjoy their current music and their future - both of these things can be true at once. It's totally valid and understandable for Orbits who have been here since the start to feel disillusioned with the direction LOONA has taken.
  17. They definitely have experimented a lot which we love but I'd say that a distinct part of LOONAs sound was a synthy, dreamy, spacey quality to most everything they touched. Even their 'heaviest' songs like Egoist or Singing in the Rain weren't giving what something like PTT is.

    Personally I think XX is the project that really sort of defined and tied what LOONA was about til that point and is still my favorite OT12 moment (tho I agree with the others who've said Midnight Festival felt like a bit of a return for them).
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


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