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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. Dreamcatcher’s new mini is bad. I loved Odd Eye and its mini (Poison Love is that banger) but this is a disappointment in every level for me
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  3. Thank you so much bb!


    My birthday wish is for everyone to collect their metaphorical pitchforks and scream injustice at our #5 cut in the T-ara Discography Rate xoxo.​
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  4. Y'all are being overdramatic with Dreamcatcher, this is their best mini a while, and their most diverse in sounds!

    Really wish they went full drum & bass with BEcause tho, that little break during Dami's rap was such a tease...
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  5. I was super anxious about Dreamcatcher's album BEcause (heh) the highlight medley did not sound promising to me. Since I got into them because of their rock sound, that was missing on the medley so I got nervous. Color me shocked. I actually really like the album and I am digging the more poppy sound (everyone seems to haaaate Airplane, but I like it). I just hope that since this is a special release that they'll go back to the DC I know and love for their next storyline series.
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  6. BEcause reminds me of beautifulgarbage era Garbage so my alt-leaning comeback coroner ass lived.
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  7. BEcause absolutely destroys the mediocrity of Odd Eye in every single way. This is just another mini album where some album tracks are better than the single (the third in a row, actually, and that's because BOCA is a 10).
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  8. I like BEcause and the mini it's just I think their career is stalling in terms of growth. They should release somthing like Poison Love for the next title track.
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  9. I will give them Whistle, but i still do not think highly of this mini. Oh well.
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  13. Pink!! Queendom!!!! They really said fuck off Mnet and MAMAPOO! Yes god I'm so ready


    EDIT: AND IT'S A MIN ALBUM!!! No single "albums" Red Velvet are ALBUM artists
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  14. I AM D E A D
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  15. Haven't even heard the song and it's already getting my 10 points on august's KPJC.

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  16. This is so cute I'm gonna scream.

    (Haknyeon <3)
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  17. I am shitting lightsticks I'm so fucking excited
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  18. Can’t wait for red velvet! They are truly the gift that keeps on giving.
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