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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. We going ‘round ‘round
    mugen no uzu

    tomaru koto wa nain da toiu
    kanpeki janai hoshii no wa kanousei (oh oh yeeaah~)
    Feels so right!

    Turn around and round and round (yeah eah eah)
    tobimawaru hōkiboshi
    hitomi wa andoromeda
    Like a hula hula hula hula hoop (like a hula hula hoop)

    Spin the jiko chūshinai

    Come on now
    Spin it ’round
    Spin it right ’round

    I can make you dance around me like a hula hoop
    Hula-la-la hula-la-la (hu la la ~)
    Hula-la hula hoop (hu la la ~)
    Hula-la-la hula-la hula hula hoop (oh yeah~)

    Dance ’round me like a (yeah!)
    Hula-la-la hula-la-la hula-la hula hoop (oh yeah, hula hoop ~)
    Hula-la-la hula-la hula hula hoop

    Truly a collapse...​
  2. Um, the new LOONA songs are insane, yes!
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  3. HULA HOOP and StarSeed are both very good, very fun, not my personal preferred style (i.e. aggressively cheerful à la Hi High) but I think it's what they should have released right now so I'm glad they did. They sound great on both tracks and their Japanese pronunciation is excellent!
    I also hadn't listened to this version of PTT yet and I really liked it too. The Japanese lyrics fit in well.
    I wanted the city pop version of HULA HOOP to have a bit different mixing on the vocals to give it a bit more of a retro vibe rather than just laying the same vocal track over a different instrumental BUT that's just me nitpicking, it sounded just fine.

    Also I love the graphic on the cover, I doodle designs like that all the time so seeing it made me smile. 不思議な縁だ.
  4. God, I missed Hi High era!!

    Hula Hoop and Starseed are so good!!! I'm immediately in a better mood after listening. I mean, Vivi got done dirty again but who is surprised? At least there was a significant amount more of Gowon than usual.
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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  6. The three different spellings of Jueun in an official message nn. Star Empire's professionalism on full display!
    Well. At least they haven't disbanded yet so... that's a good thing? I guess?
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  7. Since I’m up in the middle of the night, lemme swipe 4 likes or so from Mamamoomazookajoe:

    She’s cute, but I have to wonder what’s the point of being The Vocal Group if you’re not gonna go beyond non-committal cooing 90% of the time!
  8. must've skipped over this, but this is so good
  9. dddd it’s called range darling. This is cute, though I do agree that the vocals are a wee subdued for a song that that doesn’t seem to need it?

    Anyway, what’s better than 1 new Mamamoo song? Their whole collection of boos in one place.

  10. Are they actually remixed, new versions? I haven’t listened to it all but Egotistic sounds exactly the same.

    wait hang on I just got to the second verse, it’s completely different!
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  11. Didn't need a watered down version of Taeyeon's Weekend from Mamamoo but some of these remixes are a definite upgrade.
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  12. It’s not exactly a Greatest Hits album, they’re all remixes. Which is better really, why bother if you have them all on streaming anyway.

    You’re the Best 2021 is so much better than the original.
  13. I’m pretty sure they all the ones labeled 2021 are legit re-records and the others are just remixes of the original tracks.
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  14. Never understood the appeal for that song but the remix sounds like something they'd use at a concert with a live band. It really is much better.

    On the same subject, is Decalcomanie 2021 basically just the Queendom version? That's not a bad thing, by the way
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  15. It pains me to admit it girls but the Best of/Remix album is a mild serve nn but the new single is making no noise on MelOn so let's be haters and celebrate that instead!
  16. Okay but some of those new versions are great fff
    Me? Calling MAMAPOO flops? I never said that. MAMAPOO are my friends.

    Feeling very quirky and goofy at the moment tbh
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  17. The tide is turning. Almost a page of Mamamoo positivity!

  18. The title track and album are incredible, as per.
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    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Ah yes, we love noise.
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