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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Their company really did the bare minimum. Hwasa wearing the same jeans throughout when I know she probably has brands sending her clothes daily and the overall cheap MV is a bit of a mess. But it's cute enough. Anyway, let me take my new recordings of old bangers. Hopefully they are going on hiatus for a long time so I can get a full album from Hwasa already.
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    AT LEAST 3 shirtless guys.....gay rights!

    This is FANTASTIC as expected. And it's a FULL ALBUM!!!!

    Mamamoo killed it as well, and I totally wasn't expecting the remixes so this is an even better release than I was expecting. Today is a GREAT day for Korean music <333

  3. Get them coins, sis. x​
  4. or so.

  5. R92


    “mumumumuch” using the same horn sample as “Fake & True.” Twice stays influencing…

  6. Wow, rock version Gogobeeb is actually far more listenable than the original. This album is a GIFT. Their discography is pretty amazing honestly, and their vocals in these updated ones.... I deserved at least one tour near me.
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  7. Okay but I need more groups to give their catalogue this treatment - there are so many amazing stage mixes floating around, none of which ever see the light of day.

    Credit where it's due: Mamamoo kinda just served up the definitive Kpop greatest hits collection

  9. I can’t wait until all these flowers for Mamamoo turns into a cute Top 10 20 30 Bubbling Under Album Placement!

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  10. [​IMG]

    At least they're going out on a high!
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  11. This has the Fake and True synth by Twice.
  12. Ok but where is Sleep In The Car 2021, Aze Gag 2021, Waggy (orchestra version)?
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  13. I mean, we all know it's not a great song, but impact matters more than quality for lists like this, and if we're talking impact, BTS kind of had to be there. And at least the it's nowhere near the the top of the list.
  14. But they have probably 150 songs better than that.
  15. Yeah but Dynamite was the first US #1 by a K-Pop artist, so it makes sense that's what they'd go with. Kinda makes me wish ARMYs had started with their bulk-buying antics one year earlier, so it could have been this classic on the list instead

  16. I feel like Rolling Stone releases five lists of that type a year. Imagine how tired etc.
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  17. Oh no that one is just as bad!

    As @eatyourself says, these are more and more meaningless each time. Give them #1 next month, I don’t really care.
  18. Dynamite to the other songs on that Rolling Stones list

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