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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. All I need is the Letterman mix of Girls’ Generation - The Boys

    483826 different remixes available and none of them are the exact same version

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  3. All six members of ENHYPEN that were sick with Covid have fully recovered and left quarantine. Sunoo was re-tested as well and confirmed negative.


    Their September comeback has been postponed to October, and it's confirmed to be their first full studio album!
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  4. The Kpop industry will never be the same after this release, I fear. So excited!
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  6. Ok yall. Ok Woollim. I’m just gonna say it. WHERE IS LOVELYZ????? like ANOTHER Golden Child cb? Like what? It’s been over a year since Oblivitate and they are just sitting pretty! These talented queen deserve better. Don’t renew. Congrats to Mijoo on her recent award though.

    im just FED UP. Over it. As a long time super fan it’s sad to see the way they’ve been pushed aside for YEARS. I don’t get it. They sell albums. They sell out concerts. They have a million seller.

    eat sh!t woollim!
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  8. You are bloody telling me.
  9. Isn't Lovelyz contract ending soon? Or have they already extended it?

    At this point, it feels like the company is just waiting for their contract to be over so they can re-sign and focus on certain members (Mijoo, Kei and probably Sujeong). Hope that's not the case though.
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  11. Stylish. Besides that, I thought Wonstein was a female rapper/vocalist when I listened to the album ddd, he sounds great either way.
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  12. Happy 10th anniversary to one of the most ICONIC comebacks in K-pop history

    Ah that's history!

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  13. STAYC beat Stray Kids for the win on M Countdown? Ugh. Cementing their place in kpop every day!!!
  14. I was actually going to make a similar post earlier today, but saw the anniversary is still a few days away. I went back to it's release in our K-Pop thread and was gonna quote some posts, but my stanning was.... excessive and embarrassing, so didn't fff

    This song is literally my favourite K-Pop song... and one of the best songs EVER. When I heard it when I was in Korea I almost cried.
  15. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    No clue how this will translate to the physical album but I love that there's a Concept Clip for it dddddddd glad I bought this version!


  16. Scream at the characters getting their own teasers

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  17. Genuinely one of the best songs/minis of all time, whew.

    Talent stanning talent!
  18. my heart
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  19. How dare you even go to your formal instead of staying at home and stanning!!!!!!!!


    Luckily I deleted my Jea stan twitter account I had at the time or else I'd outembarass you sdfgjkdshg
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  20. They debuting a literal 12 year old apparently.

    If he’s lucky and has a ‘long’ career he’ll be 19 by the end of it… he could still go to college hmjgjkbikojdj.
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