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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. aux


    Love, love, love the cover arts for the physical release.
  2. ENHYPEN Comeback Schedule

    TXT Japanese comeback concept pics

    Center Kai? We love to see it!
    Here's some more of him cause he's my bias

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  3. Sticker is fucking amazing what aren’t y’all hearing?!
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  4. Okay I'm enjoying Sticker quite a bit (and I'm prepared to stand by that) but lets not play in these people's faces there's A LOT going on in this track, I understand the hate dddd

    It pretty excellent when they really lean into the vocals!!! And I think they avoided that tropey-SM-belting-moment they always do, so I'm pretty happy about it. Haechan getting in on the rap was pretty sweet too.

    That video teaser... such a tonal shift from all the other Japan debut visuals hgvhvhgb

    The individual concept phots are great ! Hard to decide between Covers A and B
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  5. Music?

    Just kidding x
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  6. GOT7'S YoungJae solo album out October 5th
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  7. “Bring The Noize” is kinda giving Charli XCX through a Hip Hop filter. It even has vroom vrooms ff. They always have that one absolutely insane racket borderline disturbing b-side that ends up being my favorite of the album. RIP
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  8. I have not liked a lead 127 single since Fire Truck, and that took me months to digest.

    Realising that I have noona fan taste as my favourite 127 songs are Highway To Heaven and Save.
  9. SM, sweetie, I LOVE that y'all are risk takers.

    But those muffled fart noises right after the flutes open the song? Um... the body as an instrument, yes!
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  10. Obscene…
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  12. But Gimme Gimme is noisy in the right way.
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  13. Sticker - The 3rd Album is excellence from beginning to end, honestly. Sticker gets better with every listen, and the 1-2-3 punch that follows with Lemonade/Breakfast/Focus is something to behold. I guess I'm just a slut for SM because the whole thing is giving me everything I needed this morning.
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  14. Punch, Gimme Gimme, and now Sticker are the only NCT 127 title tracks I liked upon first listen…
    It’s a shame their Japanese releases never get the exposure their Korean stuff does because Gimme Gimme really should have been more of a moment…
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  15. Okay finally watched the MV, it reminds of Kick It in a lot of ways, I wonder why they didn't lean into these visuals for the teasers/album. Love the polish on on this concept.
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  16. Their little antivax serve!

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  17. The Korean GP seems to really like Road Trip…
  18. I love Sticker, not because I actually enjoy it, but it's what I want from K-pop/SM - pretty idols singing over avant-garde Arca-esque cacophonous production.
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  19. I'm sure you guys are not hearing the same song as I am.
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  20. My beloved Woosung is returning:
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