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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    FFFFFFFFFFF when the hell did Lee Sooman become SM’s resident comedian???????

    I blame DJ HYO.
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  3. I hate Sticker. BUT lemme check out the alberm, they usually have way better album tracks.
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  4. After all this talk i finally gave Sticker a listen.

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  5. That good, huh???
  6. The album does a cool thing where it sort of gradients between two sounds.

    Starting off with Sticker’s ultra-intensity, each track gets softer and softer as it goes on, amping up boyfriend-vibe on its way down. Fun!
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  7. MinKey both said gay rights today

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  8. Getting ready to go out and Thunderous come on. Fucking hell that is a big song.
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  9. I’m a week late but this is soooo good!
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  10. Is Thunderous by Stray Kids the best song of the year? Yeah I think it is.
  11. This and Next Level have aged like Gaga’s Dom Perignon, I fear.
  12. R92


    Finally, a stereotype challenge I’m glad to see Wendy participate in.
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  13. Sticker…………. It’s unapologetically good !

    Re: the flutes

  14. DANCE
    Turn around and round and round
    tobimawaru hookiboshi
    hitomi wa andoromeda
    Like a hula hula hula hula hooooOOOOPPPP
    Spin the jikochuu shin’ai
    Come on now, spin it ’round, spin it right ’round
    I can make you dance around me like a hulaaaaa hoop

    Hulalala! hulalala!
    Hulala hula hoop
    Hulalala hulala hula hula hoop
    Dance ’round me like a
    Hulalala hulalala hulala hula hoop
    Hulalala hulala hula hula hoop
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  16. Swipe, Boom Box, Gas Me Up & Chillin Chillin seem like early winners for me
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  17. So Teddy Park sampled Kondzilla (biggest funk carioca producer) on Lalisa - the video is in portuguese but they show the sampled bits

  18. For now, I'll admit that only 'Sooo Lucky' has caught my attention (but that one sounds very good).

    I think I'm worried about 'LOCO' more than anything else. It doesn't sound particularly strong or catchy, but then it's only a 15-20 seconds clip....so who knows, I guess.
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