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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. But how is Luna doing. So low it’s not being monitored I expect.
  2. After having the mini for 24 hours, this is the standout track for me…
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  3. eccentricsimply

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  4. Not ‘Money’ outpacing Lalisa and becoming an organic streaming hit? That performance video really did wonders.

  5. And when they don't it's because they're too busy listening to Chris Brown...

  6. Even more reason to stan my husband Vernon. Female pop apologist and Charli XCX stan.


    'Attacca' the 9th mini album from Seventeen, in stores October 22nd.
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  7. The Feels, just like Alcohol Free is a song i liked a lot instantly, but just keeps getting better and better and better and...
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  8. The performance video helped but it's mostly TikTok. They're using the song for loads of videos about Squid Game there so it's really blowing up. Happy for her!
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  9. it’s actually so aggravating that Savage has such an incredible bridge surrounded by a mediocre verse/chorus

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  10. Slice of Life

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    THE COLLAPSE!!!!!!!
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  11. This group always has the nuttiest fucking songs, I’m obsessed!!!!!

    The bridge………I hear God
  12. I just watched TWICE's Vanity Fair interview and the members' guesses for Chaeyoung's favorite artist to collab with and biggest musical influence were both... Justin Bieber. Scream.
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  13. A visual!
  14. Glossy is cute! Reminds me of IU meets Chung Ha or something. Wasn't what i expected but it's nice. Probably a grower
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  15. She has been an open fan of Justin Bieber since before they debut. She was like 15/16 then so I guess it makes sense.
  16. This clip sounds sooo good, I'm gonna need the full song soon.
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