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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Keeping @Attis in my thoughts </3
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  2. Never thought I’d hear AESPA Y’ALL
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  3. I thought Lovelyz had already snuffed it.
  4. Some interesting edits to the song here; the first chorus was halved, and the dance break after the bridge is shortened to just two bars, with the main synth effects removed?

    I wonder if they thought it would play better to US audiences.
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  5. My biggest gripe with Savage is that it’s too long…
    @ me next time apparently…
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  6. Their taste! Two legends with songs called Lucid Dream(ing).
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  7. The way I assumed that was fake, but when I checked it was actually real dd. I hope that collab does happen eventually, I can't see it being anything other than a complete serve.
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  8. Well...
    I'm not really surprised because the writing is on the wall. No comeback for a year, 7 years curse, lack of activities for several members. It's sad but I already accept this destiny

    It's a shame they're not getting better recognition from public and K-Pop community , but if only they know many fans and me are grateful for all the songs and memories. These days are beautiful days indeed


  9. the fans have spoken.
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  10. R92


    I’m so glad someone in the K-pop industry acknowledged Tinashe and the chokehold she has on their output.
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  11. It would be unreal to have Tinashe and aespa together. Imagine nashe in Kwangya?!
  12. This is objectively all over the place, but I love it.
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  13. It's RV, so i'll take it.
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  14. Well, Nayeon spoke back!!

    First Twice, then the geepee x [​IMG]
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  15. That's a pretty big deal and some great exposure!
  16. Ugh, not my forever wrecker repping my first faves. Loona's monthly Spotify listeners is boutta make a little jump.
  17. Ningning stanning Tinashe and Nayeon stanning LOONA... and people say idols have bad taste.
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