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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I normally don't bother with Produce groups cause... why bother? But I love Yujin so much that I am willing to stan Kep1er if they have bops.

  2. Do they ever get a break
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  3. Was this posted already???
    Billlie might have given us the girl group album track of the year…
    Stream it…
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  5. eccentricsimply

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  6. This better be aired! I don’t think they’ve mentioned them by name
  7. Their Everglow serve.
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  8. They did. At the start when they listed all the guests, they were listed! (That’s why I came in here like a psycho.)
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  9. I can’t believe there was a time where I hated Apink.
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  10. I must be drunk on dip
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  11. Oh ladies, I am fuming. They filmed Aespa’s segment HORRIBLY. Besides never once doing close ups of Giselle, Karina, or Ningning, they kept doing close ups of Winter but only when it wasn’t her verse, so she just looked like she was forgetting to lip sync. It was embarrassing ddddd. Still proud of my girls!
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  12. I’ve been watching a stream from ABC 6 in Philly and my friend who’s watching it on NBC 4 on tv said Aespa just played. I’ve been watching this shit for 2 hours and they didn’t even show them on this stream hahaha. Fuck.
  13. I watched it on Peacock and it seemed to me like they were making every effort not to show Ningning…
    I would forgive viewers for thinking they’re a trio…
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  14. Yeah they’re not gaining any new American ajumma fans with that appearance ddd.
  15. Wasn't NCT's Macy's Parade basically just as whelming?
  16. Also the optics of performing “Savage” at the Thanksgiving Day Parade…
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  17. Feeling a bit like a super strong, exciting and cool heroine from a drama power walking intensely.
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  18. Said no one haha

    Anyway, some non Kpop fans who are friends of mine messaged me about them appearing and a couple liked them so even though that wasn’t the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, looks like it probably nudged a needle somewhere.
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