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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. we love a human moment ! that's my bestie !
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  2. Where are the resident erigoms at? Like hwhere was the news and the media when this dropped?

    Fingers crossed these are from the video shoot because this shit is in different areas.
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  3. Audio only.
    Lady Owl - Big Match
    Reminds me of Ailee, Ladies' Code, of that time. Reminds of Beyoncé sometimes.
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  4. Next Level by aespa is an absolute bop until that complete 180 comes in the middle and ruins everything.

    That being said I am starting to kinda love these girls and I haven't really been bothered with the 4th gen that much outside of Blackpink. They're a really well-rounded group and they seem to be really forging a signature sound and identity for themselves.
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  5. But Blackpink is 3rd generation! You're saying you haven't enjoyed anything in K-pop since 2015? ":("
  6. No way! The whole thing rules.
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  7. LET'S




    Behold the new ethnic hip envoys!!!!!
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  8. JANUARY!?
    I guess I don't have to be worried about Hyolyn not making top 5 of this months charts lksjaldjkasld she won't even make soty

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  9. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    These concept pics are giving absolutely nothing but Xiaoting is giving everything!
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  10. Yujin after being told to pose in front of an empty white wall yet again

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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

  12. Hwait at Hwa Sa releasing one of the best songs of the month. I'm a B is a total serve.
  13. YES! I feel exactly the same. That is why I prefer the Habstrakt Remix which keeps the energy up.

  14. Wonho WHO?! King Junhee!!!
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  15. Ok I admit it… Next Level and Savage are great songs.
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  16. I can’t get into Savage and it upsets me.
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  17. lol I know they said Suyeon would be joining soon but its funny how she's just slid in, no problem. Happy for her.
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