K-Pop (General Discussion)

Yeah this TAEYEON and Apink one-two punch is why, year after year, I keep coming back to K-Pop with this much passion. INVU is great but it's no surprise as, at this point, TAEYEON could tackle any sound and casually pull it off. I swoon everytime she belts.

I love that the icy sound of %%(Eung Eung) is back for Dilemma. Somehow, the deep house vibes coupled with that weird nonchalant chorus hook make it sound more ominous to my ears. I haven't heard anything like that in recent memory. There's something about its song structure and its pristine production that just hit me like very few songs usually do. In comparison to their previous title tracks, it's so oddly put together (the second verse is still growing on me) to the point I feel like this shouldn't work, yet I can't stop listening to it. Black Eyed Pilseung really are masters at their craft. I want them and Apink to keep collaborating forever.

I can't believe just how smooth INVU is. The song just effortlessly glides from moment to moment. It reminds me a bit of "Move" in that it just seems to come off as this really assured composition. The rest of the album sounds great on first listen too, but I'm just so struck by this whole package.

Dilemma is also stellar, and I appreciate how it's chock-full of interesting production moments and switch ups without feeling hectic. Really, both of these two songs do an incredible job of showing how effective and exciting a more straightforward and expansive appraoch to a song can be. Neither feels too short, too stuffed, or too hectic, and both give plenty of space for the song to just flourish.

What a day.