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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The Kim Garam (of Le Sserafim) bullying scandal is showing no signs of stopping…….. I really wonder how all of this will end.

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  2. Putting Badster and Punk Right Now on her EP reminds me that those songs need a Rollin'/Up And Down scale chart revival.
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  3. I really enjoyed Deep, visuals and all. The post-chorus bit is so good.
  4. I think this conversation has been held on this thread before but I have to reiterate - regardless of the accusations' verity, catapulting young women into the public eye for the sake of their actions as minors is some dystopian shit. It reminds me of so many things I still can't quite grasp about Korean culture.

    I've been bullied a lot in school and that has undoubtedly left scars and molded who I am today, but dealing with these cases judicially has never crossed my mind. There is a reason children don't go to jail no matter what they do! I try to find explanations - maybe their school system is too harsh and won't allow things like a psychologist on site or an actual mental health team to support the students. Maybe their society works in a way that will inevitably lead to hierarchic relations regardless of age. Maybe there is too little being talked about bullying in the media. Or it could be just a reflex of how Korean society sees and treats women.

    As much as we are more or less aware of the differences between Korean and "Western" culture, there is always something that comes up and demands reflection. And it gets scary sometimes!
  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I think my main issue with this whole situation is something that I said a bunch of times last year, when all the bullying scandals came out: the people who hype up those scandals, both among Korean fans and international ones, don't actually care about anything being done about it. Clearly if we have as many scandals about it as we do, and if the bullying issue in Korea is as massive as it is, it's not by targeting specific public figures (and a 16 yo at that!) that is going to solve the issue.

    Mainly, people just take a lot of satisfaction in witch hunting and punishing a handful of celebrities but don't actually care about doing anything about the bullying that is rampant and much, much bigger than those individuals. So I just... like as much as I get that, if the accusations are true, she's done bad things, I can't really bring myself to have half as much anger towards her as people on the internet do.
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  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    One year ago today, in Korean time, was released Song of the Year daesang winner, biggest idol group song of 2021 digitally and KSOTY 2nd place.

    "A remake", people dismissed. "The change is too jarring", they offered. "SM wants them to flop!", they insisted. And yet... the song catapulted aespa into stardom, giving them a seat at the table of the most iconic kpop groups of the generation (and perhaps, who knows, of all times!) and a daesang from the most prestigious awards show in South Korea, even if it didn't get a single music show win. It's a feat not many have accomplished!
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  7. He


    Another Gfriend alumnus with a certified bop? Queen. It also makes me think they really liked their own music if they still stick to a similar sound. I never know when idols enjoy what they perform.
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  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I love the new tracks HYO gave us - Deep and Stupid. I knew there were going to be old singles on the album, but I did hope we would get a third new song. I am still excited to finally have all her DJ singles that I’ve loved over the last several years on a physical album.
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Even though we only got 2 new songs, the HYO mini is still one of the best recent releases. All bangers!
  10. I love Hyo but I'm not feeling this new song at all? At least the video is a serve.
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    You need more dessert!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    *** me daddies!!!
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  13. DEEP is absolutely whacko, I love it. The aesthetics in the video are quite simply everything.

    Was it not a scorpion claw? Cuz like you know ... scorpions are arachnids ... like spiders ...
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  14. I hope Hyoyeon also performs Stupid on music shows, it's so good - the pre-chorus!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Now we're getting somewhere.....
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  16. veleovqodiwvndloqogrlwhdland

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  17. TWICE individual instagram accounts!
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